From a personal website to the deployment of a commercial or institutional activity, we offer you a range of skills to deploy your presence on the Internet.

Distinguished by their flexibility, our services include, if needed, image studies, expertise in institutional consulting, quality and organization.

This range of services ensures additional coherence to your project.

A website creation project generally includes the following steps:

  • Preliminary study
    Determine your needs, your objectives and the necessary functionalities. Feasibility study.
  • Content study 
    Determine what you want to present, offer, sell, how and how often. Define the substance of the site.
  • Image study 
    If needed, creation of a visual identity, both for the site and for all your activities (logo, commercial material, publications, etc.).
  • Structural study 
    How to present what, in what form, what interactions with visitors and/or users? What is the purpose of an intranet? How many people will edit the content of the site? Who will have access to what?
  • Administrative procedures 
    Administrative and technical steps: obtaining a domain name, negotiations with the host, etc.
  • Design and development
    Design and development of the site, according to the specifications and the options chosen. Email messaging.
  • Initial addition of content
    As needed, adding the documents and materials you have gathered.
    This can include articles, news, or files to be downloaded, but also the setting up of an online shop, a forum, etc.
  • Maintenance and update
    Technical maintenance of the site.
    Optional: content updates: new articles, products, promotions, etc. Options on a monthly basis.
  • Training
    Training to use the site, to be defined according to the importance of the project.

In addition to the services of creation and maintenance of your site we can also ensure its hosting.

Contact us for a first meeting without commitment, during which we will get acquainted and detail the possibilities and modalities of a collaboration.

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