Organization and development of projects


Benefit from an external viewpoint and a multidisciplinary expertise during the elaboration or the development of your projects, your activities. 

Our services will allow you, for example, to refine your intentions, to better understand your strengths and weaknesses, to choose appropriate development strategies and to put in place the best development, organization and management tools.

This expertise is the foundation of our other services, such as web development and customized solutions.

It can be complemented by Apple-oriented IT coaching: optimizing the use of IT tools according to our specific needs.


Apple" oriented coaching and IT organization

macservices2With over 30 years of experience our "Apple" consulting services can include:

  • Study of specific solutions adapted to your field of activity
  • Advice on the purchase of equipment and solutions
  • Partial or complete renewal of your equipment
  • Specific developments linked to your projects and activities. 

The computer coaching part offers:

  • Evaluation of your equipment and practices according to your projects and needs
  • Training and support to optimize your use of IT tools

Finally, only additional service to the consulting and coaching, we can offer:

  • System installation or major updates, including synchronization between iPhone, iPad, and Macs
  • Advice and troubleshooting of various problems
  • Transfer of existing solutions
  • Design and implementation of networks
  • etc.
We work in partnership with DG solutions in Martigny, excellent resellers, repairers and network experts and good friends to boot.
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