Who are we ?

Eternal question, to which humanity has not yet found a satisfactory answer...

Not easy, therefore, to present Mohr, Mohr and more succinctly. To give you some hints and to confuse you further, here are some of our favorite identities:

  • aproposmmmVirtual players addicted to this scenario
  • Light warriors without legions
  • Expressions of the indifferent Source
  • Waking angels tired of this dream
  • Planetary and universal obstetricians
  • Spiritual shakers and movers
  • Mischievous children of eternity
  • Just a fantasy in your own min
  • Time travelers reaching the end of time
  • Consciousness exploring consciousness
  • Others yourself
  • Ordinary people walking on this Sacred Earth.

That said, Barbara and Alain-Yan form the core of Mohr, Mohr and more. Our activities are based in Nendaz, in the mountains of Valais.

These activities are focused on: 

  • Business consulting
  • Coaching - encouraging individual autonomy
  • Development of websites and other virtual implementations
  • Development of customized IT solutions
  • Writing and translation
  • Facilitation of courses and seminars

Thank you for your visit!