As the first decade of the 21st century draws to a close, you have probably realized that the human species is in a deep crisis. The radical transformation of our understandings and behaviors is no longer an option, but an obligatory passage to, at the very least, guarantee our common survival and, if possible, evolve towards a greater maturity.

All human reality is based on perceptions and ideas. Our civilizations and societies are built on commonly accepted perceptions and ideas. The challenge we are now facing is to abandon perceptions and ideas that are proving to be harmful and to replace them with perceptions and ideas that are beneficial and conducive to the flourishing of the species, of all species. In other words, to make room for our spiritual essence to finally express itself.

It's quite an update! Hence the idea of offering you this little "dismantling guide", which should help you clean up your mind and your habits. Each part of this presentation includes links and references, which I prefer to put together at the end of the presentation.

Finally, a PDF version of this presentation is available at the bottom of the page.

Have a good reading!

Alain-Yan Mohr

Last update: November 2010

1. Visible changes are the tip of the iceberg


As important as they seem, the political, ideological, ecological, economic and demographic crises are only the tip of the iceberg.


If we observe objectively the history of humanity from antiquity to the present day, we must admit that the human species possesses on the one hand a very particular genius and on the other hand a fundamental problem. Capable of creating architectural marvels, of composing symphonies, of producing extraordinary works of art, of elevating himself through poetry or philosophy, of transcending his condition in order to reach spiritual awakening, capable of an immense love for his fellow man, man has distinguished himself over the course of time by the atrocities he has committed. Human history is the history of the enslavement and the rape of everything that moves between earth and sky. Without this constant, misery would not be so great, the planet would not be so suffering.

However, I remain convinced that the profound nature of human beings is good, that the essence of what we are is made up of unity, goodness, benevolence and love.

So why all this mess? There must be a bug somewhere... And if there is a bug, there are probably possibilities to correct it...

By presenting you with a set of points of view, observations and information on the human condition, I wish to take you on a journey of discovery of this bug. By going back to its origins, by understanding how it runs in our mind and in the world, by following its tree, it becomes possible to disable it, little by little. It becomes possible to disengage, to step out of history.

2. Preamble: why “step out of history"?


All traditions and cultures mention the potential for spiritual realization of the individual, and in a more mythical way, the possibility of achieving an enlightened society, an enlightened human community. All traditions also mention, in a more or less hidden, more or less distorted way, the existence of "opposing forces" that keep humanity in ignorance. It is to these "opposing forces" that we owe the system of understanding of the world in which we are trying to survive today.

At first glance, these two ideas seem quite incompatible. However, it fits perfectly, if we consider that it is precisely the imposed condition of victims that prevents humanity from blossoming naturally into its full spiritual nature. Remove the conditioning that limits our understanding, and the human race will quickly flourish.

This enlightened society, this fulfilled humanity, is not a distant or unattainable dream. It is a concrete potential, close at hand, latent, available if we take the trouble to step outside the current systems of understanding. Just outside the bubble.

What bubble? The human history we know. A big bubble, full of the best and worst of the last hundreds of thousands of years. Full of our ideas about reality, of our secular habits, of everything known, and above all, of a frightening quantity of acquired psychological behaviors, transmitted from generation to generation, and which keeps humanity in ignorance and stupidity. Transmitted by whom, how and why? This is one of the topics of this presentation.

The good news is that today, the bubble is full to bursting. There is no more room for new stuff. So we make best of. The best of the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, the best of emotions, beliefs, ideologies, systems... To the point of suffocation.

To summarize, the systems and values of this world are harmful. They have only caused disasters, violence and misery. Of course, there have also been beautiful things, in art and culture for example. But these expressions are miraculous, because the conditions were so unfavorable. Even in prison, an artist cannot help being an artist.

Of course, we did all kinds of experiments, we learned, we exercised our creativity..., but all this happened inside the bubble. Imagine what would become possible if the bubble disappeared! It is urgent to get out of it: we are more and more saturated by new constraints that make less and less sense. Our historical behaviors are leading us to a frightening future. Hence the proposal to get out of history.

I invite you to re-evaluate history and its logic, to take a new look at situations that are more or less known, more or less accepted, more or less hidden. Of course, this is a partial picture. It is up to you to add the elements I have omitted - to make your own associations, to reach your own conclusions. The purpose of this presentation is to enrich your own experience, to renew your vision.

One thing is clear: this civilization is coming to the end of its road - and this is good news. Humanity has to make decisive choices, linked to history and the human condition. But to choose, it is best to be informed.

This presentation aims to do just that:

  • To inform you, by sharing different perspectives on the current situation, its origins and possible developments
  • To encourage you to put together the puzzle of human reality by yourself
  • To offer you some experiences to better understand the stakes of the changes
  • To contribute to increase your discernment, your freedom and your responsibility.


3. Some preliminary remarks


Deep down - but deep down - there is no problem

Throughout this talk, I describe a cascade of problems that run from antiquity to the present day. Yet I know I am taking you on a paradoxical exploration, for what we believe to be reality, and thus the universe we experience, is only the product of our perceptions.


Life, death, duality, the human condition in the broadest sense, all of this could well be an absurd dream, a passing anomaly, a kind of viral disease affecting the perceptions of our humanoid branch residing in a small peripheral solar system - a system currently under quarantine to prevent these perceptual aberrations from contaminating the rest of the cosmos.

We are together in a movie theater. The movie, "Human History", is getting stressful and creepy. And I keep telling you: "It's only a movie! Let's go out, it's a beautiful day". Existence is not limited to our sickly, fear-corrupted perceptions. The introduction to "A Course in Miracles" offers a striking summary of this apparent paradox:

Nothing real can be threatened
Nothing unreal exists
Therein lies the peace of God.

No glance is neutral

By habit or deliberate choice, we constantly "elect" a system of understanding of the world, influenced by our education and past experiences, but also by the social, media, political environment, etc. Our planet is saturated with devices for formatting thought and behavior.

But for the time being, let us underline an important fact: no view is neutral. The way we look at ourselves, at others and at the world has an influence. It fixes qualities, it gives life to particular aspects rather than to others. A pessimistic view of events will favor unhappy situations; an optimistic view will generate more fruitful situations. Your outlook has influence, not only in your life but also on a global level. Keep this fact in mind as you read.

A few words on the notion of conspiracy

sceau_pyramideLes grands esprits ont toujours eu de violentes confrontations avec les médiocraties. Ces dernières ne comprennent pas qu'un homme refuse de se soumettre docilement aux préjudices héréditaires, préférant utiliser son intelligence avec courage et honnêteté. – Albert Einstein.

In this paper you will recognize some of the themes dear to the "conspiracy" movements and to certain new age ideologies. The question is not whether the conspiracy is real or not - open the newspaper and you will see the effects of sick systems of thought. The point is that every situation is worked out in consciousness, and that we are therefore all the architects of the historical state of affairs. Impotence calls for the abuse of power, according to the principle of communicating vessels.

There is a big difference between lucidity and paranoia. To consider the facts is a courageous act, a step towards liberation, healing and integration.

The human being is a spiritual being who lives a material experience

This is an idea that seems trivial, but the human being is of spiritual essence and exists in other dimensions. I mention this in this preamble, because it is the main issue of our whole history, and the common thread of this presentation. Therefore, this means that in the absolute, there are no victims, but individual and collective choices, which are translated into events throughout history. Everyone has the power to choose their experience, and uses this power in different ways.

To summarize, getting out of the story requires:

  • To change one's perspective
  • To understand the situation and its origins
  • To disassociate oneself from historical logics
  • To take responsibility for one's reality
  • To clean up one's mind and heart
  • To take internal and external initiatives

Practical exercises, questions...

Ask yourself some questions:

- Where do my images of the world come from?

- Am I able to choose others?

- How can I take a fresh look at the world?

- Observe your conditioned reflexes (fear, anger...)


4. History, trends and lies


With rare exceptions, human history seems to be a sad repetition of the same score. As far as we can remember, our history is made of:

  • Territorial, ideological, ethnic or commercial wars.
  • Unscrupulous exploitation of humans, animals and the planet as a whole.
  • Power games in all possible forms, between nations, cultures, religions, between human groups, in the family, the couple and within the psyche of individuals.
  • Degradation of the woman, and of feminine characteristics: reason dominating intuition, conquest evacuating understanding, compartmentalized perception obliterating interdependence, hierarchy taking precedence over competence.
  • An infernal carousel of victim-slayer-savior. In culture, society and religion, we go around in circles, always returning to the same positions of the triangle.
  • Desperate struggle for freedom if all goes well, for survival in general. Today, only the decor has changed. But we still drool as much to pay our rent or our mortgage payments.
  • Cycles of degeneration of enlightenment: regularly in the course of history, periods of artistic, cultural, social and political liberation have occurred, but they have fallen back as surely as a soufflé. Weird?

Note: on the planet Earth, humanity is the only species so systematically neurotic. Why is that?

The lies of history


Since the beginning of the transmission of knowledge, it is always the winners who write history. First, they keep what suits them and eliminate what bothers them. Then, they progressively improve and transform the narrative to make it correspond to the evolution of their strategies for the preservation of power.

It is necessary to take the measure of the phenomenon: in the beginning, knowledge was transmitted orally. We know the importance of the filters of perception. After ten people have told the same story, it no longer has anything to do with the original story. Then comes writing, which quickly becomes an asset in the hands of chiefs, kings, emperors, popes, gurus and authorities of all kinds. Finally, one can decree and transmit with precision a chosen version of reality. It is written, therefore it is true.

With each new generation, originally biased statements about human history, about the culture of a region, about God and his representatives, or about the nature of things, are increasingly distorted, manipulated, transformed, translated, popularized, adapted. And this, even with the best intentions in the world, which is rarely the case. Religious or civil authorities have rarely had the welfare of their followers at heart, being too busy extending their power.

We can see this phenomenon even today, with the denialist and revisionist tendencies. Some people want absolutely to erase from history the Auschwitz camps or the Armenian genocide, for example. Assuming that humanity will still exist in its present form in two centuries, there is a good chance that Auschwitz will have become the favorite vacation camp of the Semitic populations of the 20th century.

This constant alteration of collective knowledge is particularly striking in the religious field, mainly in the major religions. The Christian Scriptures are a telling example. The Old Testament is an anthology of the power plays of the last millennia, Genesis a poor simplification of the Sumerian creation stories.

The writing of the New Testament did not begin until about a hundred years after the life of Jesus. In the fourth century, when the Christian religion was still young, Emperor Constantine convened the Council of Nicaea, during which entire books were eliminated from the Christian corpus and all references to reincarnation systematically erased. Other major revisions followed over the centuries, and this continues to this day.


As if the veneration of civil and religious authorities did not allow for sufficient dumbing down, a new hegemony appeared around the 16th century: science.

Previously, the human being was a creature subject to a God who was sometimes well-meaning, sometimes angry. With science, a new layer of confusion was spread on reality: the universe, life and man became the product of "chance", and only palpable things had the right to exist. The mind became an abstraction, consciousness the result of biochemical interactions in the brain. Once again, the whole of reality was rewritten, re-translated and altered to fit the new paradigm of reason.

After millennia of this merry-go-round, it is no wonder that human beings no longer know who they are or where they come from. Let's take a closer look.

Practical exercises, questions...

Ask yourself some questions:

- Where does my feeling of existence come from?

- What is my relationship to God, to All That Is, to the Universe? And where does it come from?

- What is true? Where does this conviction come from?

- Observe your relationship to authorities (political, religious, medical, administrative...)


5. Where to start?



Where and when to place the beginning of human history? Today, science speaks of Cromagnon, Neanderthal, a Lucy found in Africa and estimates that Homo Sapiens Sapiens is not much older than a hundred thousand years. That is if we consider the first bipedal versions of the skin bag that serves as a vehicle. And still, not all specialists agree.

What if we widen the perspective? What if we assumed that the "human model" is a much older and more widespread expression of consciousness in the universe than our current narrow understanding would have us believe? After all, the idea that the humanoid experience is as old as this universe seems to make a lot more sense than the wobbly theories the scientific establishment wants us to swallow. Our history is multidimensional. The humanoid "chasuble" has probably developed in many planetary systems, deployed in many versions of "reality.

The human species, currently fearful and ignorant, this humanity that is devastating the planet Earth would have a stellar, galactic ancestry. The human family would also be present on other planets. But above all, our distant cousins would not all have a limited consciousness, locked on the third dimension. They would probably not be limited to their five physical senses, nor would they be conditioned and formatted like us earthlings. In fact, the local human species is surely an anomaly; seen from the outside, we must appear seriously handicapped.

This is just a scratch on the subject. Do your own research to find out more, starting with the resources suggested at the bottom of the article. But to summarize, we can assume that the human "principle" derives from experiential intentions formulated long ago in larger, ethereal dimensions. This intention gradually became more precise, denser, and extended into more material dimensions, producing what might be called the "human chasuble" - a vehicle of experience adapted to certain fields of perception.


In her book "The Prism of Lyra", Lyssa Royal situates the emergence of this phenomenon of densificaton in the Prism of Lyra, a constellation well visible in our sky, including the star Vega. From there, the human experience would have been deployed on different planetary theaters, investing different poles of perception. Some groups would have favored an approach to existence based on service to others (the Pleiades group, for example), others approaches centered on the Orion self, for example.) Different types of civilizations would have succeeded each other, with technical, artistic or spiritual predominance.

To summarize: our current ideas about ourselves, the world, the universe, God and how it all "works" are one perspective, one conception among a multitude of other conceptions. Each conception will produce a different collective experience. For example, death may well be a kind of local epidemic particular to our branch of humanity... Or, thought travel could be a widespread means of travel - except for the underdeveloped cousins of planet Earth.


A little detour through genetics

Scientists have a big problem: the story of man descending from the monkey no longer holds water. The latest genetic studies show that the current human being (the one who pretends to think and who hits everything that moves) dates back to 200'000 years. The problem is that in such a short time, it is impossible * IMPOSSIBLE * to have developed a genetic complexity so distinct from other simian species. The genetic particularities specific to Homo Sapiens would have required millions of years of evolution. Oops.

There are not many solutions left. Either "someone" would have landed and tinkered with our genes from local materials, or we would have been imported as is... But for any scientist who wants to keep his job, aliens do not exist. So move along, there is nothing to see.

Stellar neighbors and traditions

Another blow to the image of scientific rationalism: the official western system of thought - the one we read in the newspapers, learn in school, etc. - is probably the only one to turn the question of extraterrestrial life around. - is probably the only one to ridicule the extraterrestrial question. In all traditions, there are references to beings from elsewhere. There is talk of collaboration, exchange, but also of threats, or of gods who rule us and come from time to time to see if their creatures are working well. When one compares the stories and legends dealing with this subject in the different traditions, on all continents, one is especially struck by the similarities. It is the same story being told, with cultural variations. Here are some examples.

The genetic experiments of Sumer


At the beginning of the 20th century, in the region that corresponds to today's Iraq, a shepherd came across a site overflowing with clay tablets, with lots of incomprehensible stuff written on them. This is the discovery of the Sumerian tablets, dating back more than 6000 years. They describe the Sumerian history, life, society, beliefs and social systems in detail.

Even more surprising, some of these writings, such as the Enuma Elish, give a detailed account of the origins of the human being. It is clear from this that those who wrote the biblical account of Genesis simply made a very bad plagiarism. These stories describe the Nephilim (also called Annunaki), a race from another planet that colonized the Earth to extract minerals, especially gold. For millennia, these prospectors brought laborers to toil in the mines. The story goes that the working conditions were so harsh that the miners threatened to go on the rampage if another solution was not found. This is where Enki, Enlil and Ninhursag intervened, mixing their genes with a local primate species, creating a hybrid race to work in the mines.

Many other accounts of these tablets deserve to be studied, including the epic of Gilgamesh. One recognizes there various "divine envoys" which curiously recall certain characters of the Judeo-Christian and Moslem religious writings. The series of works Earth Chronicles by Zecharia Sitchin is fascinating in this respect. After these readings, the Old Testament takes on different reliefs.

The description of Jehova arriving in his stinking chariot of fire and making the noise of a thousand trumpets makes me smile. I can see the irascible foreman landing in his crappy shuttle, shouting orders and having sex with the best laid workers. In these cases, freedom begins with irreverence.

Interesting detail: the Sumerian civilization was born almost overnight, turnkey, with trade, urbanism, philosophy, hierarchies and the whole kit, whereas before, there were only a few nomadic fishermen.

But where do the Dogon come from?


The Dogons are a curious people. They have the nerve to possess, since 3000 years BC, an astronomical knowledge that would have made an astronomer of the beginning of the 20th century green with envy.

Their tradition is clear: they come from Sirius. But they are more precise. They describe their system of origin: a double star, one very small that they call "Po", very heavy and white, which orbits its sister in 50 years. This information was confirmed in the 1930s, I believe.

Po is composed of "sagala", a metal denser than anything found on Earth. Current astronomers have estimated that one cubic meter of this material weighs about 20'000 tons.

Dogon mythology also describes the rings of Saturn and the four main moons of Jupiter.

The Dogon have 4 calendars: for the Sun, the Moon, Sirius and Venus. They have known for 5000 years that the planets orbit the Sun. They say that their astronomical knowledge was transmitted to them by the Nommos, amphibian beings who came from Sirius to help humanity.

Antiquity and technologies

Traces of advanced technologies can also be found in various accounts and documents dating from antiquity. It seems that there was a lot of exchanges between visitors and inhabitants of Gaia. As an example, here are some interesting images. Click to see a larger image.

palenque p

ETs in Western art

One of the only places where you can still find mention of aliens in Western history is in art. Below are some interesting images. Click to view larger image.

AertDeGelder Baptismchrist
UFO crucifix compressed
madona compressed
maryufo2 comp
mediv compressed
moses compressed
tebaide1 compressed
ufo1-christ compressed
ufocoin compressed
ufocrociate compressed
ufofleet compressed
ufoswiss compressed

And today

These few thoughts on the origin of the human being and extraterrestrial influences in our history simply serve to put things in a slightly healthier perspective. There is a lot of information on these subjects, if one is curious.

Of particular note is Professor Steven Greer's remarkable project, The Disclosure Project, which aims to make public all the data on this subject that has been kept hidden from view by governments and militaries. Greer has gathered countless first-hand accounts from scientists, military personnel, etc. He is also fighting to make the public aware of the existence of the "supernatural". He also fights to make known the free, non-polluting and inexhaustible energies whose patents sleep in the drawers of oil companies and their friends.

Also noteworthy are the films and TV series that have been released for several years, and which are often less innocent than they appear.

Finally, we can mention the excellent book by William Bramley, The Gods of Eden. As a historian, Bramley asked himself why war and exploitation are omnipresent in history. He looked at all the stories, legends and traditions. To his surprise, he consistently found extraterrestrial influences. He too speaks of the blue blood lineage, describing them as hybrids left behind to continue ruling the planet. He demonstrates the nature and effects of these influences to this day in religion, politics and high finance.

The final word on the "in the beginning" chapter: don't believe what you were taught in school. It's brainwashing. Let's take a closer look.

Practical exercises, questions...

Reclaim your power by settling some scores:

- Observe your beliefs and convictions about history, and sacrifice a few inculcated ideas on the altar of freedom.

- Suggestion: in the future, doubt official sources of knowledge on principle

- These few pieces of information may be missing pieces of your own puzzle. Play with it...


6. Multidimensional parasitism


We have just mentioned our dubious origins, the lies that punctuate the official version of history and the extraterrestrial influence in Earth's affairs.

It remains to try to explain the deep reasons of this multi-millennial disaster. What is the point of all this suffering, all this ignorance? Or more precisely, who benefits from it?

Another observation is hidden in many traditions, legends and writings: our human race would be parasitized, trapped in a reality that was not its own at the beginning. Humans would evolve in a psychic prison created by entities from another dimension.

On the hunt for predators...

This is what Don Juan, the Yaqui shaman well known thanks to the writings of Castaneda, says:

"The ancient sorcerers of Mexico have discovered that we have a companion for life: we harbor a predator that comes from the depths of the cosmos and has taken the reins of our lives. Human beings are its prisoners. The predator is our lord and master. He has made us docile and powerless. If we want to protest, he suppresses our protest. If we want to act independently, he demands that we refrain. (...) 

All this time I've been trying to make you understand that something is holding us prisoner. We are really prisoners! (...) They have taken power because we are food for them, and they press us mercilessly because we are their food. (...)

The witch doctors believe that the predators have instilled in us our belief systems, our ideas of right and wrong and our social mores. They gave us greed, avarice and cowardice. It is the predators who make us complacent, routine and egomaniacal.

In order to make us obedient, weak and docile, the predators have engaged in a prodigious maneuver - of course, prodigious from the point of view of combat strategy. A horrible maneuver from the point of view of those who are subjected to it. They have given us their minds! Do you hear me? The predators gave us their minds, which became our minds! The predators' minds are baroque, contradictory, morose and now filled with the fear of being discovered at any moment. I know that even if you have never suffered from hunger, you possess the anxiety of starvation, which is nothing other than the anxiety of the predator who fears that at any moment his maneuver may be discovered and his source of food denied. Through the mind, which after all is their mind, predators inject into the lives of human beings whatever suits them. In this way, they guarantee themselves a margin of safety, a buffer against their fear. (...)

By playing on our self-consciousness, which is the only point of consciousness we have left, predators create eruptions of consciousness that they consume in a ruthless and predatory manner. They infuse us with debilitating problems that cause these eruptions of consciousness to erupt and in this way they keep us alive so they can feed on the energetic eruptions of our pseudo-concerns."

– Carlos Castaneda, "The active side of infinity".

In another register, remember the first part of the Matrix trilogy:

"The Matrix is everywhere - it's all around us - even now, in this room. You can see it when you look out the window or turn on the television. You can feel it when you go to work; when you go to church; when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been plastered over your eyes to blind you to the truth - that you are a slave. Like everyone else, you were born into captivity - born into a prison you can't feel or touch - a prison for your mind." 

"The Matrix is a system, Neo. This system is our enemy. When you are in it and you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters - the minds of all those people we are trying to save.

You have to understand this: most of these people are not ready to be unplugged - and many of them are so inert and damaged - so dependent on the system that they will fight to defend it."

- Morpheus to Neo, The Matrix

Another school, another version, but the principle remains the same: the Rose Crosses speak of organized astral entities, ex-human beings who do not want to evolve and cling to the astral. In order to survive, they need our emotions, which they feed on. So they provoke them through mediumistic phenomena.

Yet another sound of the bell, from channeling this time: extract from a conversation with the Cassiopeans (via Laura Knight):

"Cassiopeans: ... As you are about to enter the fourth density that is approaching you, you must now make a choice: to move forward in service to others or to remain on the plane of service to yourself. This is a decision that will take you quite a bit of time to adjust to. This is the period of time that is referred to when we speak of the "thousand year period". It is this period that will determine whether you will evolve into service to others or whether you will remain at the level of service to yourself. And the so-called reptilians have firmly chosen to lock themselves into the plane of self-service. As long as they reside at the highest level of density where such a thing is possible, they must constantly pump huge amounts of negative energy into the lower levels, i.e. the third, second dimension, etc., and this is what they do. - and that is what they are doing. This also explains why their race is dying, because they have not been able to learn how to withdraw from that particular form of expression and move into service to others. And it is because they have been at this level for so long, that they have settled and developed, that is why they are dying and desperately trying to suck all the energy out of you, but also trying to metabolically recreate their race. (...)


Question: Since there are so many of us on this planet, why don't they just come in and take over?

Cassiopeans: That is their intention. That has been their intention for a very long time. They have been going back and forth in time to set up their plans, so that they can absorb as much negative energy as possible as you move from third to fourth density, in the hopes that they can capture you in fourth density and thereby accomplish several things: 1) ensure the survival of their race; 2) increase their numbers; 3) increase their power; 4) expand the hegemony of their race throughout fourth density.

To accomplish all this, they have interfered and manipulated events for 74,000 years according to your calendar. And they have done this by moving back and forth in time. The interesting thing is that they will fail.

Question: How can you be so sure that they will fail?

Cassiopeans: Because we can see it. We are able to see everything, not just what we want to see. Their failure comes from the fact that they can only see what they want to see. In other words, this is the highest manifestation of what you call wishful thinking. And at the fourth density level, wishful thinking generates these realities. You know how you mistake your desires for realities? Well, it doesn't quite become a reality for you because you're in third density, but if you were in fourth density and you were operating like that, it would really become your reality consciousness. Because of that, they can't see what we see, because we are in a mode of service to others and that residing in sixth density, we can see everything in every way as it is, not as we would like it to be."

Another Toltec shaman, Don Miguel Ruiz, addresses the subject with great elegance and simplicity:

"Even before we were born, a whole society of storytellers was already present. The storytellers who were already present taught us how to behave as humans. First, they told us that we were a boy or a girl, then what we were, what we should be and what we should not be. They told us how to behave as a woman or as a man. They told us to be proper and decent women, strong and brave men. They gave us a name, and explained to us the role we would play in their story. They prepared us to live in the human jungle, to compete with our fellow humans, to impose our will, to fight against our own kind. They fed us knowledge, and of course we believed them. The storytellers around us taught us how to create our own story.

In exploring the story we create, I have discovered that it has a voice. If you like, you can call this voice "thought." I call it "the voice of knowledge," because it tells you everything you know. It is constantly trying to make sense of everything. This voice is always there. It never stops. It has no real existence, but you hear it. You can say, "Well, this is me. This is me talking to me." But if you are the voice speaking, then who is listening?

The voice of knowledge can also be called the liar who lives in your head. The liar speaks in your language, but your spirit, your truth, has no language. You simply know the truth; you feel it. The voice of your mind tries to come out, but the voice of the liar is louder and more thunderous, it catches your attention almost all the time. You hear the liar's voice, and what does it say to you? "Look at you. How do you look? You'll never make it. You're too bad. Why even try? Nobody understands me. How can I be happy when millions of people are starving?"

This voice usually speaks lies, because it is the voice of what you have learned, and you have learned so many lies, mostly about yourself. The voice of knowledge may come from your own head, or it may come from the people around you, but your emotional reaction to that voice warns you, "I am being abused, violated." Every time we judge ourselves, feel guilty, punish ourselves, it is because the voice in our head is telling us lies. Every time we have conflicts with our parents, our children, our loved one, it is because we believe these lies, and they believe them too.

But it doesn't stop there. When we believe these lies, we can no longer distinguish the truth, so we make thousands of assumptions that we take for the truth. One of the biggest assumptions we make is to take the lies we believe as truth!

Two thousand years ago, one of the greatest teachers said, "And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." Free from what? Free from the storytellers who live in your head and talk to you all the time. I don't have that voice in my head anymore, and I can assure you it's wonderful. When the voice in your head finally stops, you discover inner peace.

That voice has been in control of your head for so many years, it's not going to shut up just because you want it to leave you alone. But at least you can counteract it by not believing what it tells you.

If you follow these two simple rules, all the lies that come from the voice of knowledge will not survive your skepticism and will eventually disappear. Rule number 1: Don't believe in yourself. Listen to your story, but don't believe it, because you now know that most of it is fiction. When you hear the voice in your head, don't take it personally. Rule number 2: Don't believe anyone else. You know that if you are lying to yourself, there is every chance that others are also lying to themselves. And if they're lying to themselves, they're bound to lie to you.

You can change your life by refusing to believe your own lies. Start with the core lies that limit your expression of happiness and love. If you detach your faith from the lies, they will lose their power over you. Then you can reclaim your faith and invest it in different beliefs. If you stop believing the lies, your life will magically change. You will be free of fear, problems and conflicts. This is the absolute truth, and I can't express it any simpler."

– Don Miguel Ruiz

We could go on for pages and pages of extracts, from all cultures, but I refer you to the references.

To make this idea more palpable and "workable", here is a synthesis that covers all aspects of the problem:

In a distant "past", entities not belonging to our dimension land in the space of the Earth. They are predatory and/or parasitic in nature: they feed on other life forms. And devilishly intelligent. Their goal in life: power, conquest, synonymous with survival. Their food: astral energy, emotions, if possible compatible with their system, such as fear, anger, etc.


These astral, or fourth dimensional, creatures are gradually implementing a Machiavellian plan of enslavement: to infuse human consciousness with limiting and debilitating psychological patterns that can guarantee a sustained production of the emotions they need. Vicious dualistic models. Outside and inside, good and evil... Separation, division, shame, anger, in short, the springs of fear in all its forms.

Since the beginning of history, these entities have been able to "occupy" the psyche of certain human beings. They thus control the evolution of human societies, to their advantage. We must keep in mind that according to our criteria, they are immortal, they live in a form of astral world. The entities that started this project are still there, pursuing their strategy. This better explains the continuity of certain trends in history, and the fact that power has remained in the hands of the same families for thousands of years. It is the same beings that have been pulling the strings from above.

Whether astral predators really exist or whether we ourselves are the architects of the limiting and debilitating psychological patterns that affect humanity is of little importance. What is important is to recognize that the human race has been conditioned for countless generations. But conditioning can be deactivated. To do so, one must understand the workings, the logic of it.

A zest of schizophrenia

After breathing the psychic atmosphere of this planet for so long, we no longer realize that a virus is constantly running in our psyche. An "installed" code. Or instilled. Or suggested, by successive hypnotic waves.

The idea of the storyteller who thinks in our heads, proposed by Ruiz above, is superb. The first thing to do is to stop believing all this string of incessant thoughts. There is in us the one who thinks, sighs, worries, obsesses, entertains fantasies, etc.

There is also the one who observes all this. A good point of view to observe the shenanigans of the predatory program in our lives.

The first assertion of the predatory program, the one on which the whole edifice is based, is that the inner world is symbolic and the outer world is real. Yet the exact opposite is true.

This reversal is Machiavellian... While we strive to solve our problems on the outside, our images and perceptions of reality are manipulated with impunity. The primary loops of the predatory program are quite easy to identify, and then they subdivide into conditions of the same family.

Cascade conditioning

  • Bipolar constraint: the material dimension (3D) is based on polarity (+ -) but this should not apply to consciousness, which is not supposed to be limited to this plane. Forcing consciousness to identify with material phenomena causes suffering, feelings of abandonment, fear, etc.
  • Multidimensional "anaesthesia": A consciousness forced into a bipolar mode loses its ability to exist in a multidimensional way. Perception becomes locked to 3D phenomena, to the information of the five senses. Other dimensions become hypothetical. When you dream, memories fade quickly upon awakening. Immortality becomes a myth, instead of a familiar and fundamental state of being.
  • Mortal and sinful creature status: Without easy access to his trancendence, the human being automatically becomes a mortal creature, with the only hope of reaching a hypothetical paradise managed by a character from who knows where: God. Everything is reversed. This is where religions come in, imposing a substitute system of thought: the immortal essence, the direct experience becomes inaccessible. Authority becomes external to oneself
  • Hierarchies, codes, laws and morals: now deprived of his innate spiritual sensitivity, the individual is forced to develop and undergo moral codes, laws, behavioral imperatives, social requirements, etc. These become imperative conditions for the development of the individual. These become imperative conditions for obtaining "salvation". Dignitaries proclaim themselves to be intermediaries between God and his creatures, the only authorities able to deliver visas for paradise, in return for all sorts of payments, indulgences, etc. We are not going to repeat here the history of religions, it is too depressing
  • Patriarchal dominance: But why is it that throughout history, it is always the men who have defined the nature of reality? Simply because the predatory imprint is male in nature, and this imprint underlies all of human history. In the table below, which attributes are most prevalent on our planet?
Male attribute Female attributes

- Conquering

- Analytical reason

- Partitioned perception

- External life

- Hierarchies

- Power over...

- Exploiting

- Etc.

- Under - stand

- Intuition

- Interdependence

- Inner life

- Competence

- Power with...

- Cultivate

- Etc.


Here are two interesting quotes:

"It is an act of virtue to deceive and lie, when by such means the interest of the Church can be safeguarded."
- Bishop Eusebius, (260-339)

"We know well how much this fable of Christ has represented for us a profitable superstition."
- Pope Leon X (1513-1571)

Virtual reality and cinema

Finally, some suggestions for films that make you think about the fact that we live in a kind of virtual prison:



Finally, let's note that this predatory logic being insinuated in the smallest corners of our psyche, it is automatically reproduced in all the sectors of the society: economy, governments, education, media and advertising, political and social models...

To summarize

  • Probably since the beginning of our known history, humanity has been parasitized by debilitating conditioning, perhaps orchestrated by entities from another dimension.
  • These conditionings associate our identity, our feeling of existence with the lowest emotions: fears, angers, anxieties, etc.
  • These conditionings infect our psychology and condition our ways of thinking and our behaviors.
  • The credos, theories, philosophies, etc., both religious and scientific, are part of this conditioning.
  • To get out of the vicious circle of self-destruction, it is vital to explore the nature of these conditionings.
  • Who or what do we obey to be so neurotic?

Practical exercises, questions...

- Your spontaneous feeling?

- What interests you in believing the official version of the human condition?

- What connections have you made with personal experiences or insights?

- How do you plan to take back the power to define your world?

- Warning: to stop being fooled requires an effort...


7. The current situation



We have just flown over the way the human condition has developed, we have lifted the veil to discover the deep predatory influences that shape our history. These influences are still present in our world today - more and more. The patterns that keep humanity in ignorance are still active. So familiar that we are no longer aware of them, they continue to cause misery and suffering.

It is no longer a secret that the world belongs to a very small but powerful elite. However, it is more difficult to admit that the same families have been in power since antiquity. It seems too huge, unless one considers that throughout our history, these families are bound by a Faustian pact with predatory entities. The blue bloodlines - from the royal families of history to the elites of today - would be the earthly hosts of the predators. A proposal along the lines of "I offer you all the wealth and power in the world, but you let me occupy your body and do as I please."

It soon becomes clear who has the advantage in this unequal battle: a few non-mortal beings move their pawns on the human chessboard, in a game thousands of years long, while generations of humans follow one another, losing their memories with each new birth.

An unscrupulous elite

For thousands of years, human beings have been imbued with moral "values" such as remorse, fear, shame, contrition, repentance, regret, penitence. But the elite that has fostered these dispositions is totally devoid of these "virtues". Its predatory logic leaves no room for scruples. To get a better idea of the relentless predatory logic of this world's elite and the plans for enslavement they have in store for us, I suggest you take the time to read "Silent Weapons for Silent Wars" (download the PDF). This rather arduous text details a strategy for taking absolute control of this planet.

The purpose of this presentation is not to make an inventory of the horrors of our daily life, but to demonstrate the way they are organized, in order to better put an end to them. There are many sites on this subject, see the references. The important thing is to gain a new perspective on the events.

A planet, that can be replaced

When one dares to contemplate the multiplication of the problems that are eating away at the Earth today, one wonders how much time we have before the final collapse. However, in spite of the demographic growth, the climatic disturbances, the exponentially increasing pollution, in spite of the malignant tumor of the human activity, in spite of this epidemic of madness, the planetary elite pursues its projects with stubbornness. From a parasite's point of view, this situation must be a bit boring, but it's part of the process. If food runs out in one organism or region, one finds a new host, one changes territory - or planet, in this case.

A little zoom out, that's good

Before looking at the predatory signatures that can be found in our world, let's make a small optimistic parenthesis. Various factors indicate that a fundamental transformation has begun in this corner of the galaxy. The nature of space is changing, the planets of the solar system are changing, the sun is doing its own thing, even the interstellar void is becoming denser. Everything starts to vibrate faster. Time undergoes important alterations. Consciousness becomes agitated, as if it wanted to give birth to a new version of itself. A lot of strange things happen. We will talk about this in more detail in the chapter "Transformations".

The good news is that these transformations also involve the ruling elites. What is really promising is that the binary and predatory logic characteristic of our elites (and currently the predominant logic in our psyche) would seem to be totally incompatible with the emerging spatiotemporal conditions. In other words, polarized modes of consciousness inducing separation will no longer function in the coming reality. I'll let you imagine the stampede.

All things considered, it seems that this cosmic acceleration has a lot to do with the extraordinary intensification of conditioning actions. This is a critical time for everyone. For the elite, the dysfunction of polarized consciousness is a total failure, the ruin of millennia of effort. By intensifying all aspects of their program, they hope to prevent this transformation of consciousness. It is a failure, but this form of consciousness knows no alternative.

So, as you may have noticed, the elite with nothing left to lose is not even hiding anymore, and is going all out in all areas:

  • Division between peoples, nations, ethnic groups, ideologies
  • Massive control and programming of thought systems (media, education, etc.)
  • Control and rapid regrouping of the economy and resources, electronic economy
  • Increased control of populations, subcutaneous implants, etc.
  • Infiltration of "dangerous" interest groups, witch hunts
  • Ridiculing of any unofficial worldview
  • Exacerbation of ignorance and base instincts: sex, scandal, sensation
  • Encouragement of victimhood, through social and political systems
  • Locking humans into their preoccupations to prevent awareness

Let's see what it looks like in reality...

A perfect psychic straitjacket: the ideologies

The most destructive decision an individual can make is to give up his or her own decision-making power.
- Ken Carey

When you ask someone else to give you direction in your own life, you are holding your own fulfillment at bay. Without that awareness, nothing can help you. 
- Seth

You don't have to face the truth if you hire a belief system to do it for you. But belief systems come at a high price: they impose heavy taxes on your energy.
- Ken Carey


As a reminder, an ideology is a system of ideas, beliefs, doctrines specific to an era, a society or a social group.

It serves to guarantee the continuity of the system by dictating to the individuals understandings of the world and behaviors. Cultural, religious, political and spiritual currents, nationalisms and scientific dogma are all ideologies. Their objectives are similar: to prevent people from thinking for themselves. In other words: to confiscate the power of individuals. To provide the illusion of freedom, several ideologies are in competition...

Note: even in the so-called "intelligentia", (national assemblies, cenacles, media, etc.), intelligence is always subordinated to ideology, and is exercised within its limits. One can see this mess in all political instances, for example. If people who think for themselves are rare, they are totally non-existent in organized groups.

You only have to open the newspaper to see the incredible increase in ideologies - in conflict with each other, it is a truism... The left-right conflicts, democrats republicans, occupy every evening the main part of the radio or television debates of the evening news.

An unstoppable captivity system

Mayer Amschel Rothschild, founder of the banking dynasty of the same name, once said, "Give me control of the currency of a nation, and I don't care who makes the laws.

In today's world, what would you do without money? Is it really necessary to say more...?


Every franc, euro or dollar spent is an implicit vote for the elite. A nation's currency is a set of debts that the country takes on from the big multinational banks. When a government or an individual borrows money from a bank, it is borrowing money. But it has to pay back cash, with interest. Indeed, a bank has the right to lend to third parties sums up to ten times its real capital.

Governments, companies, organizations, administrations are all debtors of the banks. The world belongs to the banks. Your car, your house, and yes, your country belongs to the banks. And who owns the banks? Come on, a little imagination!

This Machiavellian trap is so big that no one can imagine getting out of it. Humanity is the most exploited raw material, speculation and credit are bleeding the world, but we continue to feed the system because we obviously have no choice.

During the financial crisis of 2008, governments were forced to save banks from bankruptcy, spending huge amounts of money from... public funds - from our pockets.

In 1863, an internal communiqué to the Rothschild family partners summed up the scheme well:

"The few who understand the system will either be extremely interested in the profits it brings, or so addicted to the favors it offers that there will be no opposition in that environment; on the other hand, most people will be mentally incapable of understanding its enormous advantages...and will bear the burden without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is hostile to their own interests..."

A subtle subjugation: the democratic illusion

It is enough to observe the political life in any so-called "democratic" country to understand that democracy is a vast smoke screen. The main political axes are always defined in high financial circles. Then the people are asked to vote on issues such as "do you want the free movement of people" when no one has been moving freely for years.

Governments do not represent the people, they serve economic interests. Politics works through lobbying and influence games. From city councils to parliaments, the esprit de corps is at work, the elected officials are part of a privileged circle and will be the last to put the system in danger. The phenomenon is getting worse. In the last few years, we have noticed a growing contempt of politicians for the sovereign people.

Under the pretext of increasing security, we are witnessing everywhere a reinforcement of control at all levels, increasing intrusions into the private sphere, and the restriction of freedoms. New taxes are being introduced, taxes are increasing, as well as spending on defense and state security. Of course, this implies a decrease in social spending... Who benefits from all this?

Finally, of course, in the hemicycles of power, no one will have the suicidal idea to address the real problems... Don't believe the politicians. They are pimps who deliver their people to the vampires of high finance. This is called democracy, a system that sends citizens to war to defend the possessions and values of the elite.

A perverse subordination: freedom of thought and expression

Article 19 of the Declaration of Human Rights: "Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers."

That's to put our minds at ease. But behind these statements of intent, there is a relentless brainwashing machine.

In general, what is our daily life made of, and on what subjects do we express ourselves? On the state of the world, on the different information that reaches us through the media. Our freely expressed opinions are exercised on a set of premade information relayed by the media, TV, etc. Or they are inspired by books, magazines, etc. Or are inspired by books, movies, documentaries... And as if by chance, all the influential media on the planet belong to 10 influence groups, which in turn belong to .... etc.

These 10 media mega-groups (AOL Time Warner, AT&T Corporation, Viacom, Inc , Walt Disney Company, General Electric, News Corporation, Bertelsmann, Vivendi Universal, Liberty Media Corporation, Sony) include all the press agencies, daily newspapers, magazines, major TV channels, cable, distribution channels, film studios, videos, DVDs, music, software, computer games, and the major Internet portals.

Here again, we find the same principle: a huge variety of different media and opinion supports, but the same narcotic soup in each product. Documentaries, TV series, movies, news, gore games, children's, women's or teenagers' press, specialized press... The goal: to offer distraction. To take the attention away from the real problems, in this case, to keep us in a hypnotic state. These big media are machines to feed people with pre-formatted knowledge.

Let's not forget pornography, which alone brings in more money every year than the entire global drug market.

The coup de grace: public health systems

One of the last territories left to conquer is the physical body of the human masses. The body has its own memory and intelligence, when given the opportunity to express itself. It knows how to heal itself; it is directly connected to the superior dimensions of the being, from where it receives all the indications to take the particular form which is its own.

A body is a collection of atoms that are assembled around an intention, a shawl, an idea of self from the sixth dimension, what the Vedic tradition calls the blue body of Shiva.

At present, we are far from this understanding, and everything is done to make us move further away from it. In recent times, there has been a violent attack on alternative and natural therapies. Natural products and therapies are no longer reimbursed in Switzerland since June 1st 2005. In France, you risk being burned at the stake if you practice something as bizarre as homeopathy or acupuncture (I'm hardly exaggerating). The pharmaceutical lobbies are doing their job, but that's not all. Behind this phenomenon is another ideological war. Natural methods are based on listening to oneself and one's body, on a respectful relationship with organic processes. This is not right at all. The disease is an enemy. It must be attacked, the police force must be increased, foreign chemical armies must be sent to restore order. If we let people take care of their own bodies, they will end up deciding what to do with their lives.


This military and interventionist approach to health care is a disaster for public health. People are getting sicker. Their immune defenses are becoming increasingly amorphous, and hospitals are known to be the unhealthiest places in the world. The medical authorities, in fusion with the pharmaceutical groups and the bureaucrats of international organizations such as the WHO, are constantly reinforcing the arsenal of weapons that are supposed to guarantee the health of the population, with vaccines and various poisons. Look for information on vaccines, it is edifying.

If the damage stopped there, we would be lucky. But it is much more worrying... The big multinationals and the governmental health departments have decided to take care of the other aspects of our health as well. Cholesterol, tobacco and obesity are the current bestsellers. A multitude of "light" products are overflowing the shelves of supermarkets, marked "good for health". Take a closer look: they are poisons with a nice eco-friendly packaging. Research aspartame and the cultivation and processing of soybeans for example. Learn about psycho-social manipulation through food, it will ruin your appetite, it's better than a diet.

Other facets of the poisoning of populations under the pretext of health deserve some research. Look at the ingredients in most of your perfumes, shampoos, shower gels, body creams and other cosmetics, and then find out what the effects of these products are on the body in the long term. You'll soon come back to Marseille soap.

And then, all this is so depressing, it is necessary to raise the morale of the population, otherwise who will make turn the economy? The amount of antidepressants, barbiturates, amphetamines and mood stabilizers consumed by the Western population defies imagination. In the United States, 80% of children are on Ritalin, a hard drug, but official and recommended by all good doctors. Europe and Asia will soon be at the same point. The most amazing thing is that we are still alive with so much abuse. Would you have recognized in all this stratagem of sabotage of the human biological heritage a predatory signature?

A reminder to all friends: your body belongs to you.

When the one-eyed lead the blind: scientific dogma

In an aquarium, fishes are discussing. One of them, a bit dreamy, wonders aloud: "I wonder if there is life beyond the aquarium..." Another, known for his scientific skills, retorts with contempt: "Come on, don't be ridiculous!"

The scientific community is like the rest of human society: there are artists and bureaucrats. The dreamers and the good students. The problem is that the dreamers are not favored by the establishment. This is quite normal, after all. A physicist who describes a 12-dimensional universe or who demonstrates that material reality is an illusion of perception does not exactly fit into the mold of human dumbing-down strategies.

There are still the good students, who have gone through all the required training and have shown enough lack of curiosity to be entrusted with scientific laboratories, university chairs and research departments. They are the experts, the specialists. They know what they are looking for. And as all reality is elaborated in the eyes of the observer, they find exactly what they are looking for. Exact sciences, they call it. They find exactly what they are looking for and eliminate from reality all that they do not want to see.

This kind of science reduces reality to its own understanding, to its own expectations and limitations. And ridicules the rest. This is the dominant worldview today. And it is very sad. It gives us terribly miserable definitions of the world. "Life is an accident". "We are mere biological organisms". "The universe is a lego game, the fruit of chance..." Modern scientific dogma censors our relationship to the mind and greatly atrophies our relationship to the universe.

"Every time man believes that life is meaningless, every time he believes that the fulfillment of values is impossible or meaningless, he undermines and sabotages his genetic heritage. He separates himself from the meaning of life. He feels devoid of inner life. For centuries, man has clung to the beliefs of established religions for faith, hope and charity. But in fact, these are genetic attributes, inspired and promoted by the inseparable unity of the spirit in the flesh.
Any philosophy that promotes the idea that life is meaningless is biologically dangerous. It promotes feelings of hopelessness that interfere with genetic activity. Such philosophies are extremely disadvantageous, for they stifle the spirit of exuberance and the sense of play from which creativity itself emerges."
- Seth

The universe eludes definition. The Tao that can be described is not the eternal Tao. Think about that the next time you run into a white-coated zombie. Or when you feel like you suddenly have it all figured out...

To summarize the current situation...

Never has humanity found itself so dependent and overwhelmed by so many problems.

  • Ideological dependence: we no longer know how to think for ourselves, even if we are convinced of the opposite
  • Media and cultural dependence: we consume pre-mixed information in all fields
  • Social and medical dependence: we are stoned from morning to night, poisoned and dumbed down
  • Economic dependence: we can't make a move without the cash drawer opening
  • Spiritual dependence, we have entrusted the definition of our lives to miscreants
  • More and more extensive control of people's actions, implants will soon be available
  • etc...

Are you beginning to understand why it is urgent to step out of history?

Practical exercises, questions...

The questions are more or less the same as for the previous page....

- Your spontaneous feeling?

- Honestly measure your degree of naivety about the official versions of daily events

- All these facts form a coherent whole. Try to complete the puzzle, to appropriate this information by associating it with personal experiences or intuitions

- How do you plan to take back the power in your daily actions?

- Attention: to stop being fooled requires an effort...


8. Tools of conditioning


We have just seen the main lines of the elite's strategy to take total control of everything that lives on this planet, but it is worthwhile to take a closer look at the most important tools of our dumbing down: education and "continuing education" - that is, the image.

At the risk of repeating ourselves, the principle is simple: to distract attention, to prevent people from realizing what is really happening. In other words: + needs + entertainment + gadgets + propaganda + problems + obsessions = The game can go on.

Education in lying

As soon as he arrives on this earth, the infant begins to soak up the emotions of his parents. Fears, limitations, beliefs, conditioning, psycho-affective strategies, manipulations, all this sticky and impalpable atmosphere insinuates itself in his psyche, gradually shaping his vision of the world. The kid is ready to go to school.

From the nursery, the child is taken in charge, labeled, weighed, evaluated, redirected, encouraged in certain attitudes and discouraged in others, shaped to fit the norms and socialized. His abilities are analyzed according to methods recognized by official experts.

As he progresses through school, the child's mind becomes more and more anesthetized - which is as it should be, since the purpose of education is to prepare him to function in the adult world. His intuition is discouraged, his foresight is ridiculed, his exuberance is rebuked, his sensuality is condemned, his volubility is penalized, and his rebellion is punished.

Once the narcosis has taken hold, the child has the privilege of being initiated into the cardinal virtue of obedience. In other words, he is led to accept the innumerable benefits of lying, cowardice and self-betrayal.

The student is evaluated, graded, oriented and promoted on the basis of his ability and willingness to follow the established curriculum - but very rarely for his creative power, his capacity to dream and his autonomy. While he is fed indigestible and often useless information - which would make any sane person want to do more interesting things or go out and play - he is expected to be attentive and diligent, to demonstrate psycho-emotional balance and, above all, to disregard any impulses that might disrupt the course. If this doesn't work, he is labelled hyperactive and given Ritalin.


His courage is thus gradually eroded in favor of cowardice, the most widespread and therefore most encouraged mode of behavior. His integrity, honesty and incorruptibility are gradually eroded in favor of lying, both to himself and to others.

In the consciousness of the calcifying child, the assertion that the king is naked gradually becomes a heresy. Faced with a conspiracy of such magnitude, the majority of children capitulate. The intractable minority is taken care of by specialists, psychologists, special educators, homes and finally, if neuroleptics have not solved the issue, by penal institutions.

At this point of reflection, you may be tempted to say that the situation is not so hopeless, that in the context of education and the relationship with children, there is also a lot of good will, goodness, beauty, respect and love. But on reflection, this argument does not hold; the condition of the child is of serious concern. Ironically, it is largely because of this goodwill, kindness, beauty, respect and love - qualities that are alien to the system - that the human race has managed to survive despite the cumulative effect of centuries of indoctrination and oppression.

To convince yourself of this, take the time to read this text by John Taylor Gatto, The Teacher with Six Lessons (download the PDF.)

The parasitic "values" that infect the human psyche are transmitted through education, whether in the family environment, in private organizations or in public structures. Fear dethrones love, competition defeats cooperation, judgment dries up benevolence, greed dries up gratitude and control forbids spontaneity.

In this context, the situation of teachers is no more enviable. A kind of belief inherited from our industrial culture leads us to believe that there is a precise formula for making good teachers, just as an assembly line worker can be trained to achieve maximum output. It is certainly possible to train people to fit others into a model, but then it is no longer education; it is modeling. The "teacher" is more like a propaganda agent of the system, a kind of priest whose function is to spread the official dogma.

In the official curriculum, ideas are broken down into small fragments called subjects, subjects are broken down into different parts, parts into sequences, sequences into lessons, and lessons are broken down into classroom and homework. All of these prefabricated pieces come together to give credibility to the program and the teacher who delivers it. At this point, even the most well-intentioned teachers find their efforts sabotaged by the nature of the programs they are forced to deliver.

Inherited from industrial and military structures, one of the purposes of the school is to calcify the rising generation so that they are more easily managed and manipulated. Despite much criticism, these educational policies are still in place, simply because they are the best way to produce manageable citizens and reliable employees to date.


Moreover, the relationship between the world of the adult and that of the child is often one-sided. By the time the man in the street reaches adulthood, he has been so brainwashed that in most cases his own childhood has become alien to him. The intensity of life and the excitement of discovery have become distant memories of a past life, buried under fears, conditions, obligations and necessities. The race to fill the gaps occupies all his attention. This scaffolding of necessities constitutes the existential skeleton of the "standard" adult, to the point that any fundamental questioning is repressed and replaced by a substitute conviction available in all supermarkets. As a result, the adult is convinced that he or she is right, to the point that he or she is often unable to imagine that the child might have a healthier relationship with life - that is, a less distorted, less conditioned and less restricted viewpoint.

For example, children spontaneously talk about their encounters with fairies or other elemental beings, which are amply described in all traditions and cultures of the world. They describe the lights they see around people and things, evoke memories of past lives and know how to put their finger on the burning issue or prove to be fine philosophers - until they are ordered to stop talking nonsense. Every day, the straitjacket around childhood gets tighter - and it has become a particularly lucrative issue. With the blossoming of new psycho-pedagogical specializations, children find themselves surrounded by adults earlier and earlier. For their own good, of course.

In the West, the list of childhood illnesses is growing in proportion to the number of practitioners and chemical solutions that are coming onto the market. If the child shows a reaction of rejection, maladjustment or revolt against the system proposed to him, he is given a label with the name of a syndrome, psychotropic drugs are prescribed and then we talk about medical and educational success. The other parts of the world have nothing to envy to the western world, children being sent to work, to war or to the brothel as soon as they are physically functional.

And this is how the learning of lies and cowardice is organized. In one way or another, we all function according to the patterns described above, for the simple reason that we have been fed them and had to learn them. The most unfortunate part of this whole story is that the vast majority of human beings love their children, but often end up sacrificing them to the conformity and security offered by the "official reality.

The mystification by the image

Ever since Dolly the sheep was born, cloning has been the subject of much debate, especially when it comes to human cloning. Curiously, another form of "cloning", practiced all over the world, does not cause the same concern: stereotyping. We are constantly bombarded with stereotypical images and suggestions that always convey the same mind-numbing values and messages.

As a reminder:

  • To keep order in the human herd, one must lock its members into the lower drives, or, in other words, into the first three chakras: survival, sex, obsessive identities, etc. In short, in fear. After the fourth chakra, the consciousness is less permeable to hypnotic suggestions.
  • In order for the enslavement to continue, humans must remain convinced that they are biological creatures, period. And to ensure supply, it is necessary that these creatures be anxious and obsessed (with sex or morality, whatever).
  • A human who knows himself is a human who escapes. But if people spend their lives comparing themselves and exhausting themselves to fit stereotypes, the issue is settled.
  • Better yet, put individuals in competition with each other by promising them that they will become unique if they manage to embody the perfect specimen of the stereotype, male or female.
  • Finally, associate more and more needs, attributes, rules and requirements to the ideal stereotype, in order to raise the stakes. Gadgets, entertainment, codes and social behaviours are a must. A busy consumer life.

The strategy of mutilation of the being by the dictatorship of the stereotype does not date from yesterday. The small bandaged feet of the Chinese women and the corsets torturing the entrails of the ladies of the court of Versailles confirm well the saying: it is necessary to suffer to be beautiful. We are not going to make here a course on the propaganda by the image. But the bombardment of stereotypical images has become so dense and constant that we are no longer able to sort through them, to block them out. We absorb daily hallucinatory doses of psychic poisons posted in the cities, dripping from radios, TVs, magazines... I am not exaggerating, and we are all contaminated. Here are some examples, selected pieces. You are free to boycott the brands below...


Note: the proportion of sexist ads degrading women is much higher than the one involving men, so we recognize the orientation of our cultures and the origin of the values conveyed.

Another perverse effect of this constant bombardment of suggestive images is that they deeply corrupt our innate sense of beauty. The body is denatured by a thick layer of symbols that trigger contradictory feelings. We no longer see its beauty, but the "movies" it evokes. Each body is unique: it is the expression of the being in this dimension, the image of oneself made flesh. To force the individual to correspond to stereotypes is yet another way to distance him from himself.

The phenomenon is becoming more and more intense. The market of fashion for children and cosmetics for men is booming. Fashion magazines are multiplying and diversifying. TV series are eating away at the audiovisual landscape.

End of inventory

Of course, the tools and techniques used by the elite to achieve absolute control are much more numerous, but from the state of play in these two areas, education and image, we can extrapolate... So we'll interrupt the inventory of prison methodologies. If you want to continue the exploration, reread the text "Silent Weapons" and follow the tracks that emerge from it. Start with the references at the end of the article, and search the net.

End of the inventory, then. Let's go instead to the transformations that will upset the rules of the game on this planet.

Let's summarize...

+ needs + entertainment + gadgets + propaganda + problems + obsessions = perpetuation of the predatory paradigm.

Practical exercises, questions...

- Have you lost some illusions? Find out which ones, you will gain in coherence.

- Observe the areas of yourself most contaminated by stereotypes...

- How do you plan to regain power in the definition of your reality?

- Be careful: stopping swallowing stereotypes can create a withdrawal effect.

- Love yourself. It lifts false self-images nicely.


9. Transformations


"My dear, we live in a time of transition," Adam said to Eve as he led her out of Eden." 
- W. Inge

At the end of the twentieth century, right-thinking society was still smiling condescendingly at the idea of major changes that could quickly shake the planet. Well...that has changed. In a few years, the trend has reversed. Most people are aware of the major climatic, demographic and political upheavals that are coming. But few appreciate the magnitude of the crises and challenges we face.

Changes beyond imagination

Fasten your seatbelts! In the years to come and on the material plane only (the physical Earth and its inhabitants), we will have to simultaneously

  • Free ourselves from the yoke of predators (or suffocate and die spiritually as a species)
  • Survive the collapse of this civilization, with its economy and infrastructure
  • To treat and heal the madness resulting from millennia of predatory imprinting
  • Healing the effects of human bondage on the physical and psychic levels
  • Establish new community structures that support these healings
  • Correcting the damage done to the biosphere by human activity
  • And confronting enormous climate change

But we will also have to experience events that go beyond the boundaries of the known:Magnetic changes affecting DNA and self-awareness

  • Massive increase in the frequency of life and changes in dimensions
  • Rapid dissolution of the amnesia linked to the predatory conditions, and thus total collapse of the current existential references
  • Sudden development (or recovery) of psychic capacities
  • Deep alterations in the nature of "time".
  • ...

Look, we've seen this paragraph before!

Here is an important reminder: the human being is a spiritual being who lives a material experience.

This idea seems trivial, but the human being has a spiritual essence and exists in other dimensions. I mentioned this in the preamble and I repeat it, because it is the main issue of our whole story, and the common thread of this presentation. Therefore, this means that in the absolute, there are no victims, but individual and collective choices, which are translated into events throughout our history. Everyone has the power to choose their experience, and uses this power in different ways...

If we continue to believe in the predatory paradigm's alienating definitions of "I am", we can forget about the rest of the human adventure. Powerless creatures cut off from their multidimensional nature do not have the amplitude to absorb and integrate, to participate in the transformations that have begun. But the whole predatory construction is a vast illusion. A rather solid illusion, I will admit, but an illusion nonetheless.

In the present conditions, with a consciousness locked on the five physical senses, the human being perceives only a tiny fraction of reality. We can only see the "luminous matter" of the universe, which reflects electromagnetic light. But nearly 95% of the universe is made of "dark matter". This so-called "matter" corresponds to about 4.5% of the total mass. The electromagnetic spectrum represents only about 0.005% of the estimated mass of the universe, but the human eye sees only a tiny part of this spectrum...

This means that we perceive only a tiny part of reality. It also means that the invisible part for us continues its projects and lives its life... We rarely worry about the mites living in the carpet when we dance on it with our loved one.

Transformation, forecasting, and personal experiences

In all cultures, traditions, legends and myths, we speak of the "end of the world". I suggest we be a little more precise, and speak of "the end of the world as we know it". The Judeo-Christian tradition promises the apocalypse, Armageddon and the second coming of Christ. Native Americans believe in the coming of the fifth world, and describe in an amazing way the period before these changes, the state of the world today. The Mayans, whose astronomical science has no equal on Earth except perhaps among the Dogons, have set their calendar at the end of the year 2012. In India, they speak of the end of the Kali Yuga cycle.

Various scientific discoveries tend to confirm these ancient traditions. But what is most significant is that more and more people sense - confusedly or with great acuity - that historically unprecedented events are waiting around the corner.

These individual intuitions are particularly encouraging. They show that even after thousands of years of uninterrupted effort, the plan of enslavement still has flaws. Indeed, each of us has had so-called "abnormal" experiences that cannot be explained by official dogma. Even though we have been educated to filter our experiences through the sieve of a rational mind infected with a predatory and baroque logic, a larger reality manages to creep in through the gaps.

A few words about the rational mind, the control center of today's world that is so easily manipulated. Your reality springs from the deep source of your being, which goes far beyond and encompasses all the playgrounds of the predatory entities. One aspect of this individual reality is the rational mind, the seat of analysis and translation of ideas into thoughts that fit the three-dimensional context.

This phenomenon - rational thinking - is carried like a boat on the ocean of your being. It floats on the surface of the vastness of Who You Are. Despite this, or because of debilitating predatory suggestions, it believes itself to be the command post of your reality. It is not. One can be conscious without a rational mind, but without consciousness, the rational mind cannot exist. Remember the Storyteller by Don Miguel Ruiz...

In recently published studies, neuropsychologists have shown that human beings do not make decisions rationally. Faced with a choice, the individual reacts and decides emotionally; a tenth of a second later, the rational intervenes and justifies the choice that has just been made.

All this to say that the events that are beginning to disrupt our "reality" are certainly beyond the capacity of the rational mind to understand, but are well within the reach of What You Are. Despite the magnitude of the coming upheavals, the future is not catastrophic. On the contrary. The catastrophe would be if everything continued as before.

Indicators of change

Let's be smart: let's feed the rational mind, to try to win it over to our cause. Here are some more or less concrete facts that it can absorb:

We are forced to note the multiplication of insoluble problems. An insoluble problem is already insoluble. How to solve a multiplicity of insoluble problems which become even more insoluble by adding up one to the other? Einstein's answer: no problem can be solved from the level of consciousness that created it.

Fundamental physics (renegade scientists) is joining the few pearls of wisdom we have managed to save from the predatory injections of amnesia. Reality is fluid, it adapts to the observer's expectations. Matter is an illusion of perception. The universe has many dimensions. These discoveries will modify our societies as surely as the invention of printing or the affirmation that the earth is spherical.

The veil between dimensions (or aspects of being) is no longer impermeable. An increasing number of people are re-establishing communication with other facets or dimensions of themselves. The phenomenon is still in its infancy, and often manifests itself in an awkward way. Some speak of channeling, others of mediumship; the information received is attributed to a whole pantheon of gods, realized beings, extraterrestrials, often wrongly, sometimes rightly. But all sorts of "abnormal" things happen, which escape the rational fortress.

Totally unforeseen by the elite, the development of the Internet is changing the rules of the game by making accessible information impossible to find through official channels.

And beyond our daily concerns...

In 2002, Professor Alexey Dmitriev of the Russian National Academy of Sciences published a report stating his findings: the solar system, the sun and life in general have begun to mutate, in a totally unexpected and unprecedented way. The research of his team shows that:

The quality of the space between planets is changing. The vacuum conducts energy better. Scientists assume that we have moved to a different zone of space, with a much higher energy level.

The sun is changing. On the one hand, the activity is stronger than anything recorded in history. We are seeing solar flares of a magnitude never before recorded. There are emissions of radiation, protons and other atypical energy flares. The frequency of all these phenomena is constantly escalating. In some cases, we are unable to measure these emissions because we did not expect them to be of such magnitude and all our scientific models need to be revised. In addition, the magnetic field of the sun is growing.

These changes also affect the atmosphere of the planets in the solar system. The Martian atmosphere has thickened considerably, which probably explains why the 1997 Observer probe crashed - the atmosphere was twice as dense as last calculated.

On the Moon, an atmosphere made of sodium has appeared. A layer of 6000 kilometers thick, where there was nothing before.

The brightness of the planets undergoes changes, especially Venus. Jupiter has been so energetically charged that a tube of ionized radiation can now be seen between the planet and its moon Io.

The magnetic fields of the planets are also changing and becoming more intense. The magnetic field of Jupiter has more than doubled. The one of Uranus is changing. Neptune's has increased. These planets are becoming brighter and their atmospheric qualities are changing.

The magnetic poles of Uranus and Neptune seem to have tilted recently. When the Voyager probe passed close to these two planets, their north and south magnetic poles were significantly shifted with respect to the rotation poles. In the case of Uranus, the difference reached 50% and for Neptune, 40%, which represents considerable changes.

The heliosphere is this magnetic field that looks like a tear or a comet and that surrounds the sun. Initially, when the Russians studied this heliosphere, it was about 10 astronomical units long (10 times the distance from the Earth to the Sun. Ten astronomical units is the normal size of the heliosphere. Today, this magnetic field has reached 100 astronomical units in length. It is assumed that the change occurred between 1963 and 1993. This corresponds to an increase in the overall brightness of energy in this area of the solar system.

These solar phenomena modify the behavior of the planets and the type of life forms that they can shelter. Indeed, the magnetic fields emitted by the sun seem to contain fundamental instructions for life. These magnetic showers would thus modify our DNA...

All the factors and phenomena discovered by Dr. Dmitriev's team make them think that we must expect a sudden expansion of the wavelengths emitted by the sun, which will imply the profound alteration of all the matter in this region of space. (The whole report in English is available for download: download.)

On Earth too, geophysical changes of great magnitude have been noted:

Research has shown that volcanic activity has increased by 500% since 1875. In addition, earthquakes have increased by 400% since 1973.

Dr. Dmitriev has also done extensive research on natural disasters. He shows that between 1963 and 1993, natural disasters of all kinds (hurricanes, typhoons, landslides, tsunamis, etc.) have increased by 410%.

The Earth's magnetic field is decreasing rapidly and, more importantly, it is becoming erratic. This is a big problem for aviation, whose navigation instruments are calibrated to the Earth's magnetic grid. In recent years, the fields fluctuate so much that all maps and data must be constantly updated. For example, recently the North Magnetic Pole was moved several thousand kilometers to Siberia and back.

The Schumann Resonance (voltage between the upper layers of the atmosphere and the earth's crust) has increased from 7.8 to 12Hz between 1980 and 2000. We will see later the impact of this weakening of the Earth's magnetic fields.

And finally, the climate is beginning to change in depth. No need to go into details. Go and see the movie "The day after".

The space-time structure is no longer what it was

Here we come to a more subjective area: time is not what it used to be.

On the one hand, things go faster because of the rise in frequency. We feel an acceleration. Geologist Greg Bradden, who has studied this subject, suggests that we are now living in 16-hour physiological days, instead of the 24 hours of the "good old days". The problem is that we are not only trying to cram in as much activity as we used to do in 24 hours, but the dictatorship of progress is ordering us to do more.

It is quite possible that we are on our way to higher dimensions. This causes a major disruption in the space-time structure as we know it. From our perspective, time ceases to appear linear, with a past, present and future. Events take on an immediate character, the past and the future change in substance, they gradually lose their "geographical location" on the time line to become peripheral zones of the present. This can be seen as a sign of awakening as a result of the increase in the frequency on which one exists, as if by rising, one reaches above the clouds of limited perception. All the wisdoms affirm it, only the present moment exists, which includes the past and the future.

Considered from the point of view of the Mayan calendar - which ends at the end of 2012 - this question of the alteration of time takes on an interesting relief. If the conditions necessary for the unfolding of linear time disappear (if we leave a specific space-time density spectrum), the time we are familiar with disappears, and we arrive in a different version of space-time. The old calendar has become obsolete.

As an aside: to illustrate this, imagine that you live in a flat square, in two dimensions. The field of experience stops at the boundaries of the square. One morning, something happens, you discover that the square has gained a dimension and that you are in a three-dimensional cube. The field of experience has expanded quite a bit. And after the cube?

On a practical level, one could make the following analogy. We have developed a mastery of the three-dimensional context: we know how to build all sorts of things in volumes and in volumes: urban planning, interior design, etc. In a four-dimensional environment, we will manipulate time as we now manipulate volumes. In a four-dimensional environment, we will manipulate time as we now manipulate volumes. To some extent, we already practice this in our dreams.

The Mayan cosmogony offers valuable insight into the cosmic transformations that are coming. One of their calendars works on the basis of galactic revolutions, unlike the solar calendars we are used to. They divide our galaxy into quadrants, like the hours on a watch. Each quadrant lasts millions of years and corresponds to specific energetic conditions, at different levels of consciousness. We would be completing a cycle, a galactic revolution. We are also closing sub-cycles of this main cycle, roughly corresponding to the astrological zodiacal cycle. These sub-cycles are divided into "baktuns". We are currently in the last baktun of the Mayan calendar, which covers the period from 1987 to 2012. During these 25 years, we are brought to harvest, to integrate the experiences lived during the whole main cycle. It is the time to gather all the knowledge accumulated over the eons, to sort it out. It's time to pack up and clean up before handing in the keys to the apartment, and then to leave these conditions of existence and put the wisdom gathered to good use by investing it in new creative projects.

Aviez-vous remarqué que depuis 1987, l'évolution s'est figée? Il n'y a plus rien de véritablement nouveau. Bien sûr, la technologie, les ordinateurs, internet, tout cela se développe à une allure folle. Mais il s'agit d'un développement horizontal, pas d'inventions originales. Ce sont des améliorations de techniques connues. Depuis la fin des années 80, on assiste à la répétition du meilleur et du pire de l'histoire humaine. L'art (musique, peinture, cinéma, etc.), et les médias, nous étouffent sous le meilleur des années 60, 70, 80, 90 et sous les rétrospectives. La mode ressemble à un carrousel en folie rejouant de plus en plus vite les tendances de ces 40 dernières années. Et, hélas, on subit également la rediffusion du meilleur et du pire des idéologies et croyances politiques et religieuses de l'humanité.

Ascension, magnetic grids and interstellar humanitarian missions

Here is one more aspect of transformation that raises many questions and confusion, but is an important part of the overall picture of change: the spiritual, metaphysical and new age perspective on transformation.

The idea of humanity's collective ascension to celestial planes is not new. Some Native American tribes may have achieved collective ascension. Shamballa, the mythical place where the ascended masters reside, would have been a very physical place in the Himalayas before being moved to the higher planes. Basically, we are still talking about the same thing: a change of dimension.

The problem is that it has become a catch-all concept that does not really encourage questioning or individual responsibility. A real supermarket of possibilities, where we find humanitarian ships parked in orbit, swarms of fraternities of light with the most diverse origins and goals, a great cosmic battle from which the good guys will emerge as winners, with a certificate of good conduct awarded during a great ceremony.

Attention: I am not saying that these things do not exist in one way or another. Life also exists outside of our narrowed field of perception. It's just that when these ideas are carried within a collective consciousness that is completely infected with debilitating predatory logic, they do more damage than they do good. They reinforce the concepts of victims, of salvation and saviors, of solutions arriving by miracle from the outside. They take away responsibility. But the different new age approaches, which are the offshoots of various spiritual schools of thought, offer above all many rich avenues for reflection on the subject of transformation. We will not go into detail about the various conceptions here, follow the links indicated in the references at the bottom of the page. Let's just translate the main points.

More and more people are establishing communications with beings or entities from other dimensions (ascended beings, angels, archangels, extraterrestrials, etc.). Most of the messages they receive announce imminent changes of an unprecedented magnitude. For some, humanity would make a mass ascension, assisted in this process by several groups of more evolved beings. For others, a final sorting would take place (final judgement...?) during which human beings having reached a sufficient level of consciousness would pass to a higher plane. In this case, the individuals who remain primarily attached to matter - not having yet lived all the experiences that interest them - would pass through death to be redirected into other regions of space, reincarnating on other planets more favorable to their development. Recently, different communications speak of three successive waves of massive departures. In the vast majority of cases, these events signal the end of the predatory yoke.

But in the end, as far as we are concerned, the central place of the transformation is within us. This is the subject of the next chapter.

What to remember ...

Unprecedented transformations are just around the corner.

Nothing will be like before.

The predatory logic will soon come to an end, if you will.

Practical exercises, questions...

- What changes have you noticed in your own life?

- Again, these facts form a coherent whole.

- Try to complete the puzzle, to make this information your own by associating it with personal experiences or intuitions.


10. Awakening


Trapped in a deceptive history, assaulted daily by the product of thousands of years of stultification, constantly bombarded with suggestions to the core of our own psyche, suspended in unstable balance on the threshold of an unprecedented transformation... At first sight, our chances of success are rather reduced.


At first glance. Yet, as vast, complex and strong as the predatory trap may seem, it is actually very fragile. Its greatest strength is also its greatest vulnerability: to function, it must perpetuate the illusion in the human mind. If the illusion dissolves, the trap disintegrates and human beings escape. In all the spiritual schools, the dissolution of the veils of illusion, of the maya, is called "awakening". This notion of awakening is present in all traditions and in all times. It is quite logical, since it is the only known state that escapes the illusion of time and matter, and therefore, predatory strategies.

On my good days, if I haven't been listening to the news too much, I get the feeling that all of human history is one big, rather nightmarish dream, and that we're going to wake up any second, surprised, to find, "Oh, but it was just a dream!" In some versions of the Bible, at the time of the expulsion from Paradise, the book of Genesis tells "that Adam and Eve fell into a deep sleep." In all the rest of the text, it is not mentioned anywhere that they woke up...

Do you have a user guide?

Sorry, but we no longer have this item in stock. Awakening is such an individual matter that you will have to write your own manual. Each human being experiences existence in a unique way. Therefore, each of us has developed a unique psychic landscape, a picture of illusions like no other, even though the fears and limitations induced by predatory suggestions are common. Only you know the images that chain you, that obsess you, that make you hope, in short, that keep you inside the great three-dimensional video game of the human condition as we understand it today.

However, if the ten-lesson guide to awakening is not available, there are good ways to dissolve the illusions. Once these are gone, your awakening should occur spontaneously.

Here are some products that dissolve illusions very well:

Itsnotme, a powerful deidentifier. Use in moderation. Detaches attention from the obsessions of the ego and the biological vehicle.

Ajax Karma, which eliminates all traces of the "victim, executioner, savior" game and removes even the most stubborn historical identities.

The Eradicdad, which removes from the psyche the reflexes of obedience and loyalty to any authority.

Itsmewhodecides, a pressurized foam that blocks all energy leaks through which predators suck your power. Shake well before use.

Combackimmediately, a psychic immune system booster that works by repatriating the shadow parts that had been projected onto the world and others. Beware, some side effects are likely. Allow a few days of calm after absorption.

Hahahihihoho, a powerful amplifier of the endocrine system that neutralizes predatory aberration and promotes the experience of new ways of being in the world. No known contraindications at this time.

Of course, the usual advice is to be avoided at all costs: do not ask your specialist for advice and do not read the packaging instructions.

Your attention please...

If your pharmacist has not been able to provide you with the above products, all hope is not lost. You will simply have to proceed in a more traditional way.

The first and most radical way to dissolve the illusion in your life is to take back the reins of your attention. Every illusionist knows that his or her magic tricks only work if he or she can capture your attention. The powers that be do exactly the same thing: capture your attention, fix it on a detail and make changes outside your field of vision.

What is attention? The best analogy is that of a movie theater. On a screen, images follow one another and tell a story... captivating. If we are looking for the origin of the images, we will follow the light beam to its origin, and we will come across a magnifying optical lens. Behind the lens, we will discover the images: small rectangles of photos aligned on a long strip that runs, the film itself. But what brings the film to life is the projector bulb, which projects the light through the film and the lens onto the screen.

Your life is a movie projected by the light of your attention onto the three-dimensional screen of "reality. It is your attention that brings the images to life. The problem is that for a long time, we have been constantly replaying the same film provided by our elites. Generation after generation, we constantly replay the same film.

"What you focus your thought on grows. All the things you allow to occupy your attention grow in your life. Whether the subject of your thoughts is good or bad, the law works and the condition grows. Any subject you keep out of your mind tends to diminish in your life, because what you don't use atrophies.
The more you think about problems, the more you will encounter these kinds of trials.
The more you think about how lucky you are, the luckier you will be. "
- Emmett Fox

"When you penetrate the light of your attention, you can see that all the difficulties you face are expressions of your own concepts. When you penetrate to the core of your thoughts, you will see how you create your own experience, how you - and only you - are the judge of what is heaven and what is hell. What's the problem?"
- Tarthang Tulku

Explore how your attention works. It is often said that a realized being is a being of light. Attention is the luminous expression of this luminous being. It is the light of your mind that gives reality to things. There is you, the observer, that which looks and gives life, and there is the film: the innumerable images, impressions, concepts, judgments, beliefs that you believe to be yours because you have never broken down the phenomenon.

Play with your attention. Put it deliberately on things, beings, situations, and change the film: this tree is beautiful, ugly, green, blue. My spouse is (...). The terrorist attack of ______ is (...). I am (...). Locate the pieces of film of predatory origin and cut! You are not the film. You are the light at the origin of your attention. Take back the power of your attention. Today, it is like a horse that does as it pleases. When it is drawn like a magnet to a problem, an anxiety, an obsession, say hello to the predator hidden behind the magnet, pull the reins and guide your attention in another direction.

Here is a shortcut: observe the things and beings around you as if they were a movie projected by your camera eyes.

Capturing our attention is how predators have captured us. And in today's world, it always works the same way: distracting, fixing attention on pseudo-concerns, preventing it from focusing on the real issues. To convince yourself of this, think of one of the fastest growing markets: entertainment.

Reclaim your creative power: regain control of your attention. With enough practice, you'll become a lost cause to predators.

Do not trust labels...

The first thing the predators did when they managed to capture and divert our attention was to completely reverse our ideas about ourselves. Previously an expression of being, identity has become a product of circumstance, the I Am an unused space on which to stick labels.

Today, the individual has become a real walking billboard. Through his speeches, behaviors, actions and attire, he propagates ideologies, beliefs, credos, lifestyles and brand items. But he or she has no idea who he or she really is. The I Am is hidden far below the labels, and cannot be described by external criteria anyway.

In his book "The Awakening Earth", Peter Russel illustrates this situation well with the story of the piece of wood. In a study, a piece of wood with a hole in the middle was presented to many people, who were asked to describe the hole. All of them described the piece of wood, but no one could describe the hole... In a similar way, when a being has lost contact with his own nature, he usually describes himself by what surrounds him.

The primordial illusion that imprisons the human being is that the self is something tangible, palpable, describable. But our spiritual nature is elusive, indefinable.

The Mandukya Upanishad expresses this apparent paradox remarkably well:

It is not outer knowledge
It is not inner knowledge
Nor is it the suspension of knowledge.
It is not knowledge
It is not ignorance
Nor is it ignorance itself.
It cannot be seen more than understood
One cannot point to a boundary
It is ineffable and beyond thought
It is indefinable.
It is known only by becoming known.

In this world, everything encourages you to believe that you are someone or something. This is how the illusion is perpetuated. A being awakens when it stops imposing definitions and boundaries on its essence. If we had a good identity label remover, all the problems and conditioning in the world would disappear instantly.

What's your name again?



Another unfortunate consequence of the veil of illusion that locks us into matter and forces us to perceive reality only through the five senses is the loss of our multidimensional consciousness. Without this amnesia, the whole predatory strategy would quickly crumble: we would see these entities and their actions as clearly as leeches hanging on our calves.

The image on the right (click here to see a larger version) illustrates a little better what we are. As we have seen, time only takes on a linear character under three-dimensional conditions. The notion of successive reincarnations aligned in time like beads on a necklace is a perceptual distortion. We do indeed live many existences, but they occur simultaneously, usually in different eras. We also exist simultaneously in several dimensions. The more we "climb" in the dimensions, the closer we get to the essence, until we reach the All, the unity that includes and encompasses all things, the All That Is. In the representation opposite, we can see the individuals incarnated in different genders and different times, and the link to their common source, the immortal I Am that transcends space-time. We also see other I Am's that are linked to the larger Self, and so on.

Awareness of one's own multidimensionality plays an important role in the process of dissolving illusions. Explore these notions, let yourself be immersed in the possibilities they offer. Imagine yourself immortal, even if it seems far-fetched.

Let yourself be inspired by this passage from the Bhagavad-Gita, where Buddha said: "You and I, Arjuna, have lived many lives. I remember them all. You do not remember."

Do not force, do not seek, but relax into the idea of your multidimensionality. When you allow this idea to make its way, images and memories, impressions will surface. Do not censor them: let them tell their story. It is a larger self that is being recomposed, creating gaps in the veils of illusion.

Short list of illusion enhancers

As we mentioned earlier, awakening does not happen, it happens. However, the more you manage to weaken the illusions in your consciousness, the more likely awakening will occur. When you have good control of your attention, the illusion, rationed in energy, already begins to waver. If you also stop taking your identity so seriously and consider ego games as surface phenomena, the illusion becomes blurred, it lets another film through the gaps. And if the sense of immortality of multidimensional consciousness fits you so well that you don't want to wear anything else, the illusion begins to shake on its foundations. Don't worry: even if the whole Mayan fortress falls on you, there is no danger. After all, it's just an illusion.

Even so, progressing through the predatory ghost train has a few illusion-reactivating traps, such as slabs that activate conditioned reflexes as soon as you step on them. Here are some sensitive areas that should mobilize your vigilance:

Transparent submission reflexes: the outside decides my reality. Observe your relationship to time (I don't have time...), to God (especially in moments of great existential crisis), and to the state of the world in general.

The authority figure: archangel, guru, professor, doctor, rich man, cop, chief, civil servant: all are masters in the art of reminding you that it is not up to you to decide. Your power belongs to them, no need to argue.

Promises, vows, oaths, contracts and other acts of loyalty, fidelity, etc. can get in the way. They can stick to you for life.

Beliefs, credos, ideologies, and thought systems: sometimes it gets tiring to question everything around us. But belief systems exhaust the soul in a much more insidious way. Goof off...

And last but not least, transparent beliefs and convictions. All those fundamental ideas about reality that we've been swallowing for so long are hidden beneath our opinions and behaviors. To flush them out, ask yourself: what is obvious?

An illusion of summary on the awakening...

It is our illusions that are the obstacle to awakening

These illusions are the cornerstone of the predatory grip

Taking back the reins of attention is the most powerful act to get out of the illusion

Our ideas about ourselves are stickers made in predators, but nothing can be attached to our essence

We are multidimensional beings, immortal, and in the absolute we are One.

Practical exercises, questions...

- Recover your attention wherever you have let it linger. List the confusing areas of your life, and make deliberate decisions for each item listed.

- Play with your attention. Study its effects. Restore its purity.

- Reconnect with your essential self, in your own way: observe, meditate, dance, let yourself be carried...

- Allow yourself to be great. Allow yourself to be immersed in your multidimensionality and welcome what emerges.


11. Steping out of history



We are coming to the last chapter of this presentation. Gradually, I have tried to share with you different perspectives and information about the current situation, its origins, its rules of the game and the ways out. I have pointed out different pieces of a big puzzle and tried to describe the overall picture. My goal is to encourage you to complete the puzzle on your own, to reclaim the understanding of your world, to reclaim the direction of your life.

Under the present circumstances, I am neither a psychic, nor a prophet, nor an infallible futurist: I do not know the exact turn of events in the years to come. But I do know enough to see the probable worlds that are developing. If the majority of the earth's population (present or remaining) chooses to prefer the comfort of the illusion and the known, we will very soon wake up in a dictatorship worse than Huxley's Brave New World or George Orwell's 1984.

If we recover the spirit of adventure, freedom and exuberance that is part of our true nature, well... I let you feel in anticipation the joy, the enthusiasm, the creativity and the common richness that we will be able to share by inventing a new humanity. This is why I wholeheartedly encourage you to step out of the story. So, please allow me a few more moments to finish convincing you.

A civilization in agony

When the Tao is lost, there is kindness.
When goodness is lost, there is kindness.
When kindness is lost, there is justice.
When justice is lost, there is ritual.
Now ritual is the pod of faith and loyalty, and the beginning of confusion.
- Tao Te Ching

The Uigour empire, Lemuria, Atlantis and, closer to us, Sumer, Egypt, Greece, Rome... Many civilizations were born, lived and died. Ours is no exception to the rule, and is now at the end of its course. Each civilization develops around founding values, around a particular conception of reality. It is a consensus, the implicit choice of a vast community to experience a particular way of seeing and living the world. When the foundational values are exhausted, when their pedagogical content is integrated, the civilization quickly withers and dies to make way for the next context of experience, a new civilization based on the emerging values of the time.

We are today at one of these crossroads. Our civilization is dying, its values have reached a ceiling, they are outdated. The Illuminati elite is well aware of this: they are deploying a wealth of cunning and influence to influence the choices that humanity will have to make in the years to come. It is a desperate fight, they have everything to lose. Indeed, the current society survives only by the strength of the acquired speed. Like a train that has kept its cruising speed for centuries, but has run out of fuel since... say 1987. The passengers all see that the landscape is still moving, that it is still rolling, but they realize that something is seriously wrong. Our civilization is coasting, driven by the little momentum it has left. Only centuries of habit prevent us from realizing that it is already dead.

This is not the first time it has happened. The problem is that at the end of each cycle, the elites had already set the fundamental values for the next cycle. We are now at this very point. Watch the world and you will see clearly what they are preparing for the next episode.

Unless we get out of the story.

Sacrificing the hypocrisy of short-term comfort

Every time I come back to Earth after an interstellar trip, the irresponsibility of the current tenants infuriates me. They give me the impression of promising teenagers who refuse to leave a chaotic family home. They are too lazy to leave their comfort, too cowardly to face life and too preoccupied with their navels to share their qualities.

Of course, after generations of prison life, one even comes to appreciate one's prison, to find advantages in it. One learns to avoid painful questions, settles into a routine, and befriends the guards, hoping to gain some favors. You even develop a philosophy: in the course of the story, it is said that some prisoners were released for good behavior.

I am not exaggerating. I am simply observing the state of things without succumbing to the temptation to apply a layer of varnish.

Today, we have the opportunity to tear away the veil of illusions called "historical reality". We have the power to do so, here and now. After all, the predators, reptilians, Illuminati and other psychic vampires are part of the great cosmic reality show in which we all participate. They too are faced with choices, they are not exempt from transformation. They have transmitted their psychology to us, we can understand them... Through our existential anguish, we can even feel the fear they feel in front of the tidal wave of change that is approaching.

By leaving their archaic way of thinking, rooted in the reptilian brain area, we can demonstrate that life is bigger than survival, that there is no such thing as separation, and that in the presence of love, fear fades away.

History does not repeat itself any more than any other bad habit. There is no, there is no more history. The current situation is simply a collective projection, the sum of our daily choices, repeated day after day. The other on whom we blame is another us.

To avoid the upheaval that change brings, we spend precious energy consolidating our comfort zones. We choose ignorance daily, we build temples of hypocrisy. We think: "after me the deluge", knowing full well that this time it won't work.

Since 1987, I have noticed that the short term has become increasingly narrow. In the 80's, a 2 to 3 year time frame was still part of the short term. Today, it has become long-term. Now, the short term is measured in weeks. And we all operate in the short term, in economics, in politics or in our personal lives which are shrinking every day. Between now and 2012, the content of our daily lives will shrink more and more, until it suffocates us. If we remain faithful to the historical model.

In recent years, we were still able to believe that hypocrisy offered advantages and benefits. This is no longer the case. We are now reaping the rotten fruits of a rotten worldview. From now on, feigning ignorance will only bring us more misery.

Please, let's stop plugging the gaps!

Laws, decrees, prohibitions, demands, tightening of control: everything indicates that we are bailing out the sinking ship that is our civilization. The belated awareness of the state of our planet and our societies has given rise to a multitude of eruptions of militant fervor, to a "mobilization" of elected officials. This is once again a kidnapping of our attention.

All the problems we face are really tears in the grand illusion. And as if by chance, everything is done to encourage us to plug the gaps! And conveniently, we are quick to ignore that no problem can be solved from the level of consciousness that created it.

So please, don't be fooled. At the risk of sounding totally out of touch, celebrate every new break, every new tear. In his album "Ten New Songs," Leonard Cohen sings:

"There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in."

Let's get out of the story. Let's surf the waves of transformation.

To summarize: you are invited to step out of history

Our civilization is dying; it is the ideal moment to put an end to the planetary Monopoly game.

Transformation is not optional, but everyone approaches it in their own way.

If you don't get your power back, others will.

Be careful of what tries to piggyback on your attention.

Stop thinking of yourself as poor physical creatures, it is not in your best interest.

You are multidimensional. Other aspects of yourself are encouraging your awakening.

There is no need to fill in the gaps. Instead, celebrate the rips in the illusion.

The more the illusion weakens, the closer the awakening.

The countdown has begun. Which version of reality will you vote for?

The experiment that could transform your world would be based on the fundamental idea that you create your personal and collective reality from the nature of your beliefs, that all existence is blessed and that evil does not exist. If these ideas were followed individually and collectively, then the evidence from your physical senses would not be contradicted. They would perceive that the world is good. This is the experiment that has not yet been tried. These are the truths you must learn.
- Seth

To continue the adventure...

In the "Resources" section of this site, you will find most of the recommended links and books, but also other avenues for exploration and reflection. Take a look at the "Science Fiction" and "Inspired Stories" chapters.  Go to ressources.

I am also available for individual coaching sessions. Check out the page "Coaching".

Finally, thank you for accompanying me in this exploration. As you have understood, it is also yours. So don't hesitate to enrich it with your comments, or to contact me to increase it, to correct inaccuracies, or simply to talk about it. And if by any chance you feel called to translate this file, I will be happy to put them online to make this exploration multilingual.

Alain-Yan Mohr
August 2005, revised November 2010



Image: Hans Georg Leiendecker

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Introduction: Why "step out of history"?

About the bubble, Robert A. Monroe has well described the phenomenon in his books, by naming it the M-Band, for Human Band. His books are fascinating: Far Journeys, Journey Out of the Body and Ultimate Journey.

In French: Le voyage hors du corps, Editions Garancière. Fantastic Experiences of Astral Travel, Editions Robert Laffont.

Preamble: Basically - but very basically - there is no problem

A Course in Miracles - Arkhana Paperbacks, 1985, UK 1-85063-016-X
Un Cours en Miracles, Editions Octave, 2009.

History, trends and lies

On the manipulation of reality in the Christian religion:

Les Mensonges de la Bible, du Coran et de la Torah, de Claude Trak Commande sur Amazon

Books of Laurence Gardner: Bloodline of the Holy Grail, Genesis of the Grail Kings, Battam Press
En français: Le Graal et la lignée royale du Christ : La descendance cachée du Christ enfin révélée, Ed. Dervy.
Le site de Laurence Gardner:

Old Testament: Genesis Revisited - Zecharia Sitchin - Avon Books
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Site de Sitchin:

The Messianic Legacy - M. Baigent, R. Leight & H. Lincoln - Arrow

On human history in a broader sense:

L'ancien secret de la Fleur de Vie, tome 1 et 2 - Drunvalo Melchizedek - Ariane Editions

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On the manipulation of reality in general

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Le site de Sytinet, Quantité phénoménale d'infos sur l'état du monde, les joueurs du monde, les futurs potentiels de ce monde et la situation politique.

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Cassiopaea, The Aurora Journal

Where to start?

Origins, stellar neighborhood, ET influences:

The Sirius Connection - Murry Hope - Element

The Gods of Eden - William Bramley - Avon Books

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Recherche du message des dauphins ou l'Hypothèse cétacés : Ou comment on en est arrivé là et Comment s'en sortir, de Claude Traks

Books and videos of David Icke, certains traduits en français:
Children of the Matrix - David Icke - Bridge of Love
Le plus grand secret, tome 1 et 2 - David Icke - Louise Couteau Editrice
Icke révèle en détail comment les mêmes lignées ont contrôlé la planète durant des milliers d'années. Comment elles ont créé les principales religions et réprimé les connaissances spirituelles et ésotériques qui vont libérer l'humanité de ses prisons mentale et émotionnelle.
Reptilian Agenda, David Icke & Credo Mutwa, VHS 2 Tape Set - Video - Bridge of Love
Revelations of a Mother Goddess, David Icke & Arizona Wilder, VHS Video Tape - Bridge of Love
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The series of books by Zecharia Sitchin, on the Sumerian civilization etc.
La Douzième planète. Zecharia Sitchin - Louise Couteau Editrice
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The Earth Chronicles, The Stairway to Heaven - Zecharia Sitchin - Avon Books
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The disclosure Project of Steven Greer.

Historical UFOs and artwork
A gallery of UFOS in art and history.

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Le site Infomystères, qui comporte de nombreux dossiers intéressants. Aller sur le site.

L'ancien secret de la Fleur de Vie, tome 1 et 2 - Drunvalo Melchizedek - Ariane Editions

The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, tome 1 & 2 - Drunvalo Melchizedek - Light Technology Publishing

DVD Dark City - Entertainment in Video

La série TV de Spielberg, Taken, en français, Disparition

John Travolta, Battlefiled Earth

Matrix Trilogy - Warner home Video

Le site de Sytinet, Quantité phénoménale d'infos sur l'état du monde, les joueurs du monde, les futurs potentiels de ce monde et la situation politique.

Cassiopaea, The Aurora Journal

Multidimensional parasitism

Books and videos of David Icke, certains traduits en français:
- Children of the Matrix - David Icke - Bridge of Love
- Le plus grand secret, tome 1 et 2 - David Icke - Louise Couteau Editrice
Icke reveals in detail how the same lineages have controlled the planet for thousands of years. How they created the major religions and suppressed the spiritual and esoteric knowledge that would free humanity from its mental and emotional prisons.
- Reptilian Agenda, David Icke & Credo Mutwa, VHS 2 Tape Set - Video - Bridge of Love
- Revelations of a Mother Goddess, David Icke & Arizona Wilder, VHS Video Tape - Bridge of Love
Site of David Icke

The Gods of Eden - William Bramley - Avon Books

Le site "Conspirovniscience", qui propose ce que son nom indique.
Aller sur le site..

Pour se libérer de la matrice, de Claude Traks.

Le site de Sytinet, Quantité phénoménale d'infos sur l'état du monde, les joueurs du monde, les futurs potentiels de ce monde et la situation politique.

Le site des Messagers du temps, des recherches poussées sur nos origines et les manipulations en général.

Le site de Cassiopaea, The Aurora Journal

Also good articles in magazine Nexus (en anglais) ou dans sa version française

Current situation

Again, books and videos of David Icke, certains traduits en français:
- Children of the Matrix - David Icke - Bridge of Love
- Le plus grand secret, tome 1 et 2 - David Icke - Louise Couteau Editrice
Le site de David Icke

Leading Edge Research Group: une énorme quantité d'infos de qualité

The Gods of Eden - William Bramley - Avon Books, pour ses excellents chapitres sur l'histoire de la finance

L'ancien secret de la Fleur de Vie, tome 1 et 2 - Drunvalo Melchizedek - Ariane Editions

The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, tome 1 & 2 - Drunvalo Melchizedek - Light Technology Publishing Diffuser et divulguer des informations jugées pertinentes.

Le site de Sytinet, Quantité phénoménale d'infos sur l'état du monde, les joueurs du monde, les futurs potentiels de ce monde et la situation politique.

Beaucoup d'articles intéressants dans le magazine Nexus (en anglais) ou dans sa version française

Top secret, magazine français

Conspiration CC, un site français sur la conspiration. Le problème, c'est qu'ils en font trop...

Le texte "Armes silencieuses pour guerres silencieuses" (Lire dans une nouvelle fenêtre, télécharger le doc. PDF).

Des sites de medias encore libres, ou d'observation de l'actualité

David Icke, the headlines: Commentaires sur l'actualité

From the wilderness: Des analyses critiques sur les événements politiques américains et planétaires.

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Tools of conditionning

A propos d'éducation

 John Taylor Gatto's site, une référence en matière de critique de l'éducation

Le manifeste de GATE, The Global Alliance for Transforming Education

L'enseignant aux six leconsde John Taylor Gatto (lire dans une nouvelle fenêtre, télécharger le document PDF.)

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Le site de Sytinet, Une mine d'or.

Beaucoup d'articles intéressants dans le magazine Nexus (en anglais) ou dans sa version française

Top secret, magazine français

"Armes silencieuses pour guerres silencieuses" (Lire dans une nouvelle fenêtre, télécharger le doc. PDF).

David Icke, the headlines: Commentaires sur l'actualité


AHA! the realization book - Vywamus through Janet McClure - Light Techlonogy Publishing
Excellentes descriptions de a psyché humaine et du contexte multidimensionnel de notre expérience (Anglais).
Scopes of dimensions - Vywamus through Janet McClure - Light Techlonogy Publishing
Une des meilleures descriptions des dimensions dans lesquelles nous vivons (Anglais).
Site de Vywamus

Dernières pièces du puzzle - Objectif 2012 : La mission spirituelle de l'Europe et de la France, de Claude Traks.

Oversoul Seven Triology, Jane Roberts. (Anglais)
Un roman hilarant sur ce qui arrive à nos différents sois incarnés simultanément dans le temps.

L'étude de Alexey Dmitriev et son équipe: Planetophysical state of the Earth and life (anglais: télécharger.)

Ananda's site: Tons of material on what is happening on Earth and in a much broader galacic context. Site

L'éveil au point Zéro - Gregg Braden - Ariane
D'excellentes explications sur les changements dimensionnels en cours et sur l'importance de la compassion dans ce processus.
Awakening to Zero Point - Gregg Braden - Radio Bookstore Press
Another great demonstration of the coming dimensional changes, and the importance of compassion.
Marcher entre les mondes, la science de la compassion, Gregg Bradden, Editions Ariane
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Lightbody : un aperçu du processus global de transmutation. Reindjen Anselmi. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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The Pleiadian Agenda - Barbara Hand Clow - Bear & Co, 95. Site

Carl Johan Calleman, Author of Solving the Greatest Mystery of Our Time: The Mayan Calendar and The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness

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The Mayan Factor, the path beyond technology - José Argüelles - Bear & Co, Santa Fe
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You are becoming a galactic human - Sheldon Nidle, SEE Publishing Co
An interesting point of view on the present changes.

Kryeon I, La graduation des temps, - Kryon, Lee Carroll - Ed. Ariane
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La Vie sans mort - Satprem/Venet - Ed. R.Laffont
Mère, l'Espèce Nouvelle - Satprem - Laffont

L'ancien secret de la Fleur de Vie, tome 1 et 2 - Drunvalo Melchizedek - Ariane Editions
The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, tome 1 & 2 - Drunvalo Melchizedek - Light Technology Publishing

Kiara Windrider, Author of Doorway to Eternity: A Guide to Planetary Ascension. He has long been interested in understanding planetary and cosmic cycles, and their relevance to our journey of awakening. Son site

The Experience Festival: A huge site on the cosmic changes at hand: Site

Star Kids: Les enfants des étoiles sont parmis nous: Site

SytiNet: Quantité phénoménale d'infos sur l'état du monde, les joueurs du monde, les futurs potentiels de ce monde et la situation politique.: Site


A Course in Miracles - Arkhana Paperbacks, 1985, UK 1-85063-016-X
The Christian absolute way of putting into pieces the paradim of separation and reinstating the wholeness of Love. Site

L'esprit caché de la liberté. Lama Tarthang Tulkou. Spiritualités vivantes, Albin Michel. Un ouvrage parfait pour approfondir la nature de l'attention.

...Nos pensées créent le monde; Comment les sciences de pointe conduisent à une nouvelle métaphysique. Martine Castello et Vahé Zartarian - Laffont. Site

The holographic paradigm and other paradoxes - Ken Wilber - Shambala
A good description of what it means to live into an holographic universe. Site

La nature de la réalité personnelle. Seth/Jane Roberts
Un travail de pionniers. Essentiel pour comprendre le rôle central des croyances dans votre vie. Ed. de Mortagne
The Nature of Personal Reality: A Seth Book - Jane Roberts
THE pionneering work. A must read if you want to know the central role of beliefs in your life.
The "Unknown" Reality, Volumes I & II - Seth & Jane Roberts
Dreams, "Evolution," and Value Fulfillment, Volumes I & II - Seth & Jane Roberts
Evénements collectifs - Seth & Jane Roberts. Ed. de Mortagne
The Individual & the Nature of Mass Events - Seth & Jane Roberts - Prentice Hall Press, NY, 1987
The magical approach - Seth & Jane Roberts
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Livre Tibétain de la vie et de la mort. Sogyal Rimpoche. Ed. de la table ronde. Site

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When all things fall apart. Pema Chodrôn. Shamballa. Site

Le serpent Cosmique; ADN et les origines de la connaissance - Jeremy Narby
The Cosmic serpent; DNA and the origins of knowledge - Jeremy Narby - Phoenix

Le phénomène humain - Theilard de Chardin - Points Seuil.

The human phenomenon - Theilard de Chardin - Brighten, Portland, Academic Press.

Total Freedom - J. Krishnamurti - Harper Collins

AHA! the realization book - Vywamus through Janet McClure - Light Techlonogy Publishing
Vywamus is excellent in his descriptions of human psyche's behaviors and in painting the multidimensional framework of our experience.
Scopes of dimensions - Vywamus through Janet McClure - Light Techlonogy Publishing
One of the best explanation of the various dimensions we live in.
The source adventure - Vywamus through Janet McClure - Light Techlonogy Publishing
You remember how this whole universal story started and unfolded?

Ramtha - Créer la réalité personnelle. Commande sur leur site.
Une oeuvre d'art dans la description de la création de la réalité personnelle, du point de vue de Ramtha. Mais je ne recommande PAS le reste de leurs matériaux, plus polluants que libérateurs.
Ramtha - Creating Personal Reality. Order on their site.
A masterwork in the description of the creation of personal reality, from a Ramtha point of view. But I do NOT reccommand their other materials, it's more brainwashing than brainhealing.

Infinite Love is the Only Truth, everything else is illusion, David Icke - Bridge of Love

L'ancien secret de la Fleur de Vie, tome 1 et 2 - Drunvalo Melchizedek - Ariane Editions

Le site de Sytinet, voir les sections sur le potentiel humain.