We regularly update our computers, but rarely our ideas about the world and ourselves.

And yet, in this time of increasing chaos and absurdity, our values, ideas and behaviors inherited from history - personal and collective - are beginning to suffocate us.

Humanity has entered a phase of transformation without historical precedent. It is therefore quite natural that we feel more or less "out of touch". Instead of being useful to us, the old systems of reference are an obstacle to our development, and above all, they do not allow us to understand what is happening to us.

A kind of "inflammation" of old patterns, habits, fears and memories occurs. Unresolved issues surface, amplified to the point of absurdity, demanding to be dealt with and at the same time showing us the ideas on which we base our lives.

Moreover, different planes of being are involved in this transformation, demanding our attention and asking for larger and more inclusive spaces of expression. Misunderstood, these originally healthy impulses can cause significant inner confusion - for example, when we try to bring spiritual answers to physical needs, or the opposite...

Our coaching sessions offer you the opportunity to embark on a profound update of the underlying values, beliefs and logic that shape your life. Based on intuition and experience, they offer you an integrative and uncompromising look at your situation.

Their objectives include:

Helping you to update and expand the frames of reference from which you assess your situation

Uncover the invisible evidence that governs your thoughts, emotions and actions

To clarify the levels of consciousness that coexist within you and to reorder their respective needs

And to act as an interlocutor in the evaluation, the follow-up and the evolution of your transformation.

Conditions and procedure:

A first free and non-binding meeting allows us to get to know each other and to decide if we want to work together. Then, the main lines of a "project" are decided. The frequency and form of the sessions are defined. In addition to the actual meetings, the collaboration can also include telephone, Skype or email correspondence.

The process requires a good dose of curiosity, persistence, vigilance and, above all, a sense of humor. 



"Be like the melting snow - wash yourself of yourself."